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I have seen 103 Bruce Springsteen concerts. By profession I am filmmaker and photographer and what started out as a hobby (taking some videos at Bruce's shows) ended up in many fantastic full show multicam mix videos. Springsteen fans from all over the world sent me their videos to edit them and friends of mine and people I don't know in person started filming because they saw my films and wanted to be a part of it and take it to a new level. Many of my videos are regarded by Springsteen fans around the world as more fun to watch than pro-shots, not just because of the unique point of view that my videos offer. I know Bruce and his band watch my videos, too.


Brad Serling ( was interviewed regarding Bruce's future plans to release all future shows as audio downloads and release some shows from the archive, too. This meant a huge step in Bruce’s release policy to all fans. How did it happen? Here's what Serling said in the interview:
"The one question that we had," Serling offers, speaking for many fans, "was why now? We spoke to you five years ago. What changed? It was Bruce looking at YouTube and seeing fan-generated content from his recent shows, as well as archival stuff. And he was like, 'We can do better than this. We own the masters!' What's great is, he wasn't saying, 'Fuck those guys. Take that stuff down. Screw YouTube.' It was, 'If this is happening, we should be doing it officially.'"

Another fun thing was to see that they let Thom Zimny make a video (“Don’t change”) featuring fan-shot footage. Must have been their way of saying "hi".

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