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I collected some feedback I received via email (so this is not the reviews/feedbacks you find online on some fan forums) for my blu-rays. Unfortunately I started late collecting feedback. For the two legendary Paris 2012 blu-rays which started it all I received the most amazing feedback but you can guess how the feedback looked like for those if you have watched those videos or read some of the feedback for my later works from people all over the world:


I have to say that it's a pants dropping, body shaking, earthbraking bluray for a legendary night!


You are a genius ......  THANK YOU!!!!! I got shivers watching these two videos and cannot wait to receive my Blu Ray copy from you. I wish you worked for Bruce and had access to the vaults !!!!!


Great job, blu Ray is really awesome! The views are well chosen and the atmosphere faithfully transcribed! The best show i ever seen, as I've lived


Your blu rays are unbelievably good, man; even my non-Bruce fan friends admired your work the other night...


It's great to see what a fan (you) can assemble and create to modestly shame the film creators that Bruce pays money to create sub par product.


Deine blu rays haben bis jetzt noch jeden Gast bei mir umgehauen. Das "Original" London Calling von 2009 schaue ich mir kaum noch an.


All look and sound amazing. Great job! I dont pay for bootlegs but the effort put into these goes beyond anything I have seen before. Resolution was good enough to pick me and my wife out in the background of the Paris concerts !


Perfect job , what a pleasure to live this great show again , even if I've listened it many times and watch my videos too , with your excellent work it's really different.


Kann mir übrigens gut vorstellen, dass die offizielle DVD in Stockholm aufgezeichnet/produziert wird. 2 Abende indoor. Dann ne Woche Zeit - Material sichten und n dritter Abend für den Feinschliff...So oder so - wird sicher nicht mit Deinem Werk mithalten können...


Danke für die Parisscheiben - ganz groß – schon etliche male gesehen - sicher mindestens (!) genauso gut wie die offizielle DVD (so sie denn überhaupt kommt).


As it starts to look more and more like I might only get to one show on the WB tour I just wanted to say thank you for making the incredible Paris shows available to the Greasy Lake community.


The setlist for night two is right up my alley and the video quality is perfect. As for the editing ... what can I say .... Its absolutely should be working in the field. Anyway ...I can't thank you enough.


Your mix is brilliant… Clear, with enough room for the recording to "breathe" without too much compression, the clarity of the IEM (Springsteen's voice especially) associated with the live feeling of the audience recordings. Just like you, I don't like the CC release since I find it sterile...Great Job !


It's a labor of love :-)


erstmal : Ich war in Kopenhagen und in Stockholm - wollte Dir eigentlich mal n Bier ausgeben für die ganze Mühe und die tollen Videos mit denen Du uns Süchtigen immer wieder versorgst. Aber wenn ich im FOS - Bereich der Halle ankomme, bist Du natürlich immer schon lange auf Plätzen, die wir Spätkommer nicht mehr erreichen...Die Kostproben aus Skandinavien sind in der Tat sehr beindruckend ! Die Großaufnahmen von Springsteen : Extrem ruhig ! Stockholm 1 : Die Kameraeinstellung von der linken Tribüne. Halbhoch. Seitlich. Komplette Bühne und FOS-Bereich - sehr gelungen ! Stockholm 3 : Sensationelle Kadrage wenn Springsteen bei My Hometown groß projiziert neben sich selber steht. Freue mich auf das fertige Werk. Das neue Menue (-Design) finde ich übrigens sehr gelungen. Soweit ich das nach dem Screenshot beurteilen kann, gefällt es mir besser als das "Alte".


OMG! If I were a girl I would type: PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES!


Thanks for all the videos you'll be sharing!!  I can't wait!!  YOU ROCK!!  (and you have such a special heart!!)  LOVE YOU and your smile!


Simply incredible Olli. This will be better than Bruce's pro-shot official releases due to the unique pit footage.


What a fantastic project of which you should be immensely proud. Best wishes for its completion and, as this was one of the best concerts any of us have ever seen, I'm just so delighted we all have this to look forward to as our much needed post tour Bruce fix.


Stunning stuff Olli………….mouth watering for the WHOLE thing in Blu-Ray (terrific sound on that clip too!!)


You do the best work...


My goodness this is looking good Olli!


Ohhhhh, great! It's wonderfull. Before finish with Oslo, I have sent to you my local hero vid,... I think mine is interesting to introduce another point of view.


Hab mir gerade local hero angeschaut - der Hammer!! Freu mich schon total auf die bluray, die will ich unbedingt haben!!!


Well men it's like an official pro stuff...No not true..It's like better than an official!!! you do the Job again!!! THX!!!!


Wow! Stunning video. Looks like an official release. Well done.


This is better than official releases!!


That's frickin' amazing!!!  Wow!  You have my heart, Mister!


I received the 2 Paris BDs. They are fantastic. Well done.


Lass Dir eines sagen - Deine Videos sind die besten - bin schon 25 Jahre Springsteen Fan und hab so ziemlich alles gesehen, gekauft und heruntergeladen. Du hast einige Neider auf den einzelnen Foren, alles Leute, die nicht einsehen wollen, dass nicht alles Gratis zu haben ist - vorallem dann, wenn es Qualitätsarbeit ist, die sehr sehr viel Aufwand kostet. Die Typen erwarten dann aber trotzdem, dass immer einer mit bestem Equipment wieder vor Ort am Konzert steht, keine Kosten scheut und die Risiken eingeht. Lass Dich von diesen Idioten (mir kommen Arad & expresstunnel in den Sinn) niemals ärgern. Ja, die lieben Italiener...ich staune schon lange darüber. Die kriegen immer Top-Shows...aber es bleibt selten eine gute Aufnahme geschweige dann ein gutes Video davon.


Your work is best Olli. The Italian DVD makers think they can do their own the best and are obviously very jealous of you. When they see your completed blu ray from Leeds I think you will shut them up forever as I'm sure they or anybody else will never beat it. I can't wait to see the worlds comments on that one!


Anyone who is critical of your Paris DVD is stupid and jealous. If, as you say, Leeds is going to be ten times better, than anyone who then criticises that will be laughed at throughout the world as being bitter and foolish. Good luck Olli, you have the support of the honest majority.


Olli is a true and honest person, who's intentions with his multicams is nothing more then creating the best possible bootleg Blu Ray for ALL of us to enjoy


My friends and I are very grateful for all the excellent work that you do and don't mind you selling your DVD / blu rays , quite the opposite.


Unfortunately, you're right, italian's tapers are stupid, many of them do it for money and I do not buy their release  because they are jackals fail to respect a fan..for me you're the only reference you today seriously .. always let me know your news that I'm going to take some yours blu rays release tour 2013


Hello.... I read that you have the whole show to the San Siro 06/03/2013. I saw a video in multicam, truly remarkable


I have long admired the work you do


Please continue your excellent job.


You never know, with your skills you could end up in Thom Zimny's team.


Your "Local Hero preview" from Leeds look spectacular, really looking forward to that one as well.


I've just watched the small preview of Wembley. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much once again for your great great work!


Hope you are well my friend - don't let those Italian tapers get under your skin! We wait for your BMW, not their dodgy Fiats!  The sample looks fantastic - please count me in and let me know when its ready to ship.


zunächst nochmals vielen vielen Dank für deine fantastische Arbeit!!!


Du bist ja echt n Freak ! Ich hab so nbisschen mitbekommen, an wie vielen Fronten Du kämpfen musst. Mit Deinen italienischen Freunden, mit den Leuten aus dem Forum und und und...weiß natürlich nicht immer genau, wer da nun im Recht ist - wie auch ? - aber ich sehe was Du trotz dieser ganzen Scharmützel für Arbeit raushaust...Andere hätten vermutlich längst entnervt aufgegeben und Du veröffentlichst ein Sahnestück nach dem anderen : Respekt !


DIeses Wochenende habe ich beide Scheiben mal ausführlich genossen - und bin echt begeistert. 2x tolle Arbeit.


The preview of Roma video is excellent, just perfect, there's nothing to say.


You are the king!!!


Olli, this video is fantastic, great audio. Today is a good day for me afer seeing this video.....


If the whole video is going to be like this, it will be a 'masterpiece'. Or better said, another one of your excellent videos. I want to say that you are very professional in mixing all these videos . It takes hours to do the whole thing . So, keep on doing the good work . And thanks for everything .


Thanks for the updates, you're a genius


Congratulations for this great work !


Stunning Olli. And even better that me and my friends can be seen in front of one of the main cameras used in the footage! This is better than any official release. You are a legend :-)


I watch them and enjoy them. The best thing about them is that they are so good you can watch them more than once.


Hi Ollie - this looks fantastic - will be a super record of what was such a great night. Many thanks and also thanks for the work putting this together - it must be one hell of a task but also one hell of a result.


Many thanks for your is fantastic.


Freue mich riesig dein Pièce de résistance demnächst zu bewundern! Liebe Grüsse und keep on…(Du weisst nicht, welche Freude Du vielen Fans bereitest)


Thanks very much for your incredible labor !!


What a joy to read your story and what a job it has been for you....amazing! Really looking forward to this amazing Blu-Ray..I live close in Holland, so maybe next weekend I have to manage being all alone at home to watch this beauty in full glory...Thanks again..


Excellent work.  Funny how you can do this great work,yet Springsteen's own camp can't


Oh my god oli!! This is amazing news and I got so excited by your enthusiasm! It's my birthday tomorrow and just reading this makes it the perfect birthday present! I'm so happy we could all help and contribute! I'm so looking forward to watching this beauty! You continue to do a wonderful job! Leeds is one show I'm interested in seeing how you get in also. Can't wait to help you in the future with my monopod ha! Thanks again Oli and really really looking forward to receiving the bluray! Much love


You are the man!! Great news and what an effort you have put on this. Wow, simply amazing!!


Fantastic, well done.


Have seen your preview films - looks fantastic !


Looks fantastic.


Ne also……..ich muss das schon echt mal anerkennen und hoffe das CHECKEN auch alle irgendwie… sieht immer das an und denkt…wow toll…aber WAS da an Arbeit dahinter steckt…….kanns ja auch nur sooo ansatzweise schätzen, aber das is unglaublich……ganz groß Olli !!


So proud I contributed. Millions 'thank you' Olli!


Just watching some of the BRs I had off you a couple of months, got to say your work is fantastic, better than any other bootleg


Hi Oliverer, I'm astonished of all your work! I wish I could make something similar to you.


That's something I won't post in public: there were tears in my eyes during the first minute of LOHAD from your multicam. Cheers bud. I'm glad I could just help 0.000000001%  with my videos. Congratulations and thank you


was soll ich dazu noch sagen... megaklasse! Ich hoffe Du findest die Zeit und Freude, so sensationelle Filme auch von Hannover und Mönchengladbach zusammenzuschneiden. PS: Ich hab letztens mal ein kleines Video von meinen Kindern gedreht. Eine kleine Tanzvorführung, knapp 5 min. Sag mal, wie schaffst Du es, über drei Stunden so fokussiert und wackelarm zu filmen, zumal Du auch noch stark zoomst? Ist mir ein Rätsel, aber Hut ab! Ich hab das jedenfalls nicht hinbekommen...


Many congratulations on the Wembley footage, it looks stunning.


Be assured I'm very much a fan of Bruce and you, boss on stage, boss of the videos!


Congratulations for your work - It's very impressive.


I tought many time too answer you simply to thank you for your job but I have been quite busy lately and didn't took the time. I do apologize for that.


I have been looking for you channel updates too. You continue to do an awesome job editing all this materiel.


Your two blurays of Bercy have a special place in my heart (Best shows I ever attended blessed by your wonderful bluray release)!


I found your details from the Greasy Lake twitter account and understand you are the person we should thank for the fantastic work you have been posting as dvddubbingguy on YouTube. I particularly thought your work capturing/editing/optimising NYCS was remarkable. Please do keep up the fantastic work - it's much appreciated!


Freak :-) hab den Link auf youtube gesehen - you're the man - zeigt er da in Deine Kamera? Geh mal davon aus.


bin diese Woche noch in der Bretagne und konnte es nicht abwarten mir London anzusehen. Nach dreieinhalb Tagen Download war es gestern abend endlich so weit. Allergrößtes Kompliment für diese Abmischung und die Aufnahmen. Bruce hat Dich doch in Rosalita angesehen als er sagte you are the man! Bin jetzt gespannt auf den zweiten Teil und die bluray dann in Frankfurt. Wirst Du Dich mit Leeds noch übertreffen? Smile


EIN LOB für die Arbeit. Ich hatte aus England schon die Aufnahme als BluRay, die rechts von der Tribüne aufgenommen wurde dachte, das wäre alles, was meine Erinnerungen an das Konzert wach halten wird…Die Aufnahme hast Du ja auch teilweise verwendet, wie ich festgestellt habe. Dein Werk: HAMMER! Da kommen nicht nur Erinnerungen an ein schönes Konzert hoch – da macht das Zuschauen und -hören auch wirklich Spaß!


Can't stop watching Wembley.  Thank you so much, again.


I look forward to watching the newest Masterpiece from the Master!!


I looked at your Rosalita on you tube. It's just brilliant, it gives a better impression than an official release.


tja was soll man sagen......wahnsinn was du da wieder geschaffen hast!!! wirklich echt klasse!!!!


you've really done an amazing job on the videos and have firmly established your name and quality in the Bruce community.


Ich finde es immer wieder toll, wieviel Zeit, Energie und Geld du für einen doch begrenzten Markt investierst. Dazu noch die Anfeindungen und das unkooperative Verhalten einiger anderer Taper. Irgendwann hätte ich da wahrscheinlich schon aufgegeben...


Thanks so much.What a wonderful work as usual. I've seen you've used the "drunk old guy" I've filmed , it's fun  XD


I watched some songs here and there and i can say that in my opinion this is indeed the best bootleg video i ever seen! I think it's even better than the Paris show...the audio mix is absolutely amazing!


The clip you posted of NYC Serenade from Rome was one of the best live performances I've ever seen and I've directed many people to it and mentioned that you do great work on putting together complete concert videos.  Hopefully you'll get future customers from those referrals. Keep up the good work and rock on!


You stuff is still the best!.


I have just looked some images, and it’s Beautiful !!


bis jetzt zu Lost in the Flood gesehn und ja……echt mehr als beeindruckende Arbeit von Dir – auch das Promised Land Anfangs kommt verschärft rüber aber weißt was mir auffällt…………..auch bei dieser Show – Bruce is super drauf – aber da haste schon gemerkt -  er hat SO mit der Kraft gekämpft……..das merkste ---- die Leichtigkeit wie bei manch anderen Gigs war da ned sooo da –Tour is schon lange gegangen und wie auch bei  Copenhagen – er kämpft (Wobei Copenhagen VIEL krasser is – da wirkte er müd) Aber klar….Show Killer und Deine Arbeit mehr als Killer


absolutes Kompliment für das, was Du da "zauberst"...!


Für Deine Arbeit, die Du in die Projekte steckst, und für das was dabei rauskommt auf jeden Fall meinen vollen Respekt. Super !


Ansonsten verfolge ich auf verschiedenen trackern Diskussionen zwischen der Pro-Olli Fraktion und den Idioten dieser Welt. Es ist für mich als Aussenstehenden, der nicht produziert, nur konsumiert auf der einen Seite komplett unverständlich, wie sich Typen verhalten, auf der anderen Seite sind die Wortgefechte und die Dynamik, die sich in kürzester Zeit entwickelt, interessant und spannend. Das ist besser als Fernsehen ;-))


Watching it now, Lost in the flood right now. It is for sure great! My review will focus on the product/the Production, With some comments on the performance and how it is captured by you and the other filmers. You have established a quality level on this BD's, that myself and I guess other viewers find it very easy to start compare it to what like an official release would have looked liked. This is an impressive Product Olli! The picture and angle mixes are so good, so what's left is the sound. And for the sound...., it's great, but not fantastic. fuck the IEM I say! But I understand that you use it for the mix, I am sure if I had the skills I would have done that to. Luckily for us, you at least mix it with other sources, CC does not!


Also erst einmal muss ich Dir ein großes Kompliment machen, was Deine Qualität angeht - einfach Klasse. Wempley großartig - weltklasse!!!


Absolutely brilliant..thanks for your great work :-))  Night 2 is still my favourite show...magnificent!


I enjoy reading your comments! And also please keep adding videos to Youtube...that might keep us alive during the looong cold winter we're facing...


Das Preview von Wembley ist einfach nur der Hammer!!!!!!!!


I received yesterday the Wembley concert. I looked at the first hour till the Darkness set. The concert is excellent and you made a fantastic job. I will post a review when I have seen the whole set.


I just watch some tracks for the moment…. INCREDIBLE WORK, it’s really a good good job!!! Thank you very to you and all tapers


You cant much I LOVE you doing this...




Let me tell you that I admire your work and that I still check your updates with the same enjoyment. I'm the kind of guy who just like quality. I only watch movies in 1080p or 720p if there's no way else to. I can see a bad rip. Although, I'm a musician so I'm really, reaaally punctilious about bootleg sound mixes. And you are so far the best devoted, professional Springsteen fan I've seen. If it's not financially now, I 100% support you!!!


You’re a genius – amazing job! Great close-ups, great atmosphere, great everything!!! what a monumental job you did! THANK YOU!


I got this on friday. This is excellent. I remember that you mentioned somewhere that cameras are now so good that you don´t need to be in the PIT anymore and great filming is possible from long distance. It can be seen sometimes from camera-angles from a long distance camera. Image stabilisation or shake reduction or how it is called works hard and as a result the picture is a little bit softer than what a HD picture could be. This is not a bad thing at all, because filming and editing are excellent and final product is above dvd picture clearly, but there´s a difference that can be seen when compare to some of your earlier BD´s from the PIT. Even 2009 PIT Experience looks sharper. But as I allready told, this is really a masterpiece again. Second best thing to watch this after being there. Sound is excellent too, maybe guitars are hard to hear but every solo are clear and this is how it sounds so often live at the concert because heavy drums and bass and I think that at least Bruce´s guitar is mixed down sometimes during the concert. Vocals are crystal clear without any problems to follow. So, big thank YOU again.


deine Wembley ist nicht mehr zu toppen!!  Da hast du erstaunliches geleistet..zu Recht deine Nr.1 Wenn man überlegt auf welchem Niveau man heute diskutiert...ich staune jedes mal was du da hinbekommst...


This is a must have bootleg. I cannot imagine the painstaking effort that has gone into this production. It is as good as some of the official releases - I have yet to sit through the Hard Rock Calling official release, but 3.5 hours flew by yesterday afternoon. Olli calls this his masterpiece. It is. It's his Born to Run. He has set his own benchmark. Congratulations and thanks. Thanks also to all that contributed.


what a surprise in my mailbox, an incredible blu-ray. And I hadn't even paid yet


London was awesome! A masterpice indeed, Oliver! Thank you very much for your amazing release! Can't wait for Milano, Leeds and more to come!


wembley is as good as a pro dvd, so the work you have done is fantastic.


Received Wembley today Amazing!!! Absolutely thrilled with this. You did a tremendous job


Got it, watched it....what a fantastic BR, love the topping and tailing ( crowd coming and leaving) to it, the editing work is the best along with great sound...big shout out to the people who have been so kind to hand over their recordings ( without them this is not possible) and of course to yourself ...I will post my feedback on SPL later this week. Best and keep up the excellent work, waiting patiently for Rome, Paris, Ireland, Wales and Leeds!


Not had a chance to watch the whole thing yet - too many nappies to change and whatnot - but i've skipped through and this looks AMAZING. Quite superb. Massive respect to Olli and to all contributors, this is an absolute must-have. Brings it all back, in HD, with great sound, and a series of better views than I had at the show. Awesome!


Mate, ditto. I've had the blu ray since Friday and I am now just getting time to sit down and watch it. Been changing nappies too and Jake is 6 months old tomorrow but already I just cannot wait until he is old enough to watch this with me and spot his daddy in the crowd. Olli, a heartfelt thank you for the work, time, expense, and patience you have invested into this project. I am only as far as This hard Land but already this is unrivalled as the best audience filmed Bruce bootleg of all time. You should feel proud of your work. This one will stand the test of time. People will want to buy this blu ray in 20 years time. A work of art, simple as that. And to think that you reckon Leeds will be even better when you get round to making that one makes me feel spoilt. Thank you. Sheer brilliance. Send JLM a copy so they can see what the fans want.


Hi Olli, I'm just watching the wembley blu ray now and I am almost lost for words over how magnificent it is.


ich hab deine blurays freitag bekommen u was soll ich sagen. ich hab mir schon einiges erwartet nach den euphorischen berichten auf greasy lake ... aber die wembley show ist dermassen grandios. ich bin echt zutiefst beeindruckt. danke, danke danke ...werd mirs die woche zweites mal anschaun


Der Film ist wirklich großartig, perfekter Sound, tolle Schnitte und super Produktion! Bessere Bruce-Videos gibt es nicht!


DU!!! wunderst dich, warum die anderen Bruce-Filmemacher so aggro auf dich sind? Ist ja voll logisch. DU BIST EINFACH DER BESTE!!!!! Und das sehen die doch auch. Auch wenn manche ziemlich dumm sind, dass kriegen sie schon mit. Und das k..... sie dermaßen an und sie ärgern sich und werden neidisch und aggressiv.  So eine megastarke Bild- und Tonqualität!!!! Die Aufnahmen sind einfach soooo  super zusammengeschnitten.  Der Anfang war auch richtig toll und vielen Dank für die Bonusaufnahmen von Glasgow. Ich habe mich total gefreut. Deine ganze Mühe und die Lust an der aufwendigen!!! Arbeit spürt man einfach. Da kann kein anderer mithalten. DANKESCHÖN!!!! dass du uns daran teilhaben lässt.


Dachten, es wäre eine offzielle vom Management als Promo herausgegeben und ich habe sie im Glauben gelassen. Sieh es bitte als großes Kompliment für Deine Arbeit und Dein Können an!!!!


You're the best editing man I know. Congratulation.


I've  always appreciated your valuable work for Bruce's community, I really agree that you need help and collaboration from everyone to continue to keep your hardware updated and working at best. Please keep on trying, it is worth your commitment!


Just watching it now and its amazing. Cant imagine how much work you must have put into it but its very much appreciated


da hast du wieder einmal eine super Arbeit (Wembley) abgeliefert.


London ist sensationell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Received the Blu Ray from Olli this morning and have done a quick view on many of the tracks, will sit done for the full show at the weekend. What can I say? Superb! Great editing and sound, a work of art. Stands up very well to official releases and will bear many repeat viewings.


Du machst einen wahnsinnig. Webmley ist doch schon perfekt. Und jetzt das!!


Kann nur sagen. WAHNSINN.. wirklich super wie du das gemacht hast..Sollte dir ein Oscar geben müssen..lach


Recived the discs today. I've just finished watching Wembley .... wow, amazing stuff!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  You're the best.


wirklich super Arbeit mit der Wembley-Multicam.


Thanks so much for that Wembley show, such a great reminder of a special night! We had a great evening watching & reliving our memories from the show. I couldn't believe how professional it looks considering its all fan filmed. Can't imagine how much work you put in to the editing of it, but it was clearly a labour of love. Thanks again!


This was my first view of Blu-Ray concert footage & I'm just a bit impressed! The picture quality is top notch, no complaints about the sound & the whole package is brilliant. The multi cam work gives it a pro feel while still keeping the atmosphere, but I suppose I'm preaching to the converted here....Anyway, a big slap on the back for Olli (& his collaborators). Roll on Leeds!


thanks for the blu ray, olli. and thanks to all that participated. it's absolutely brilliant. when i read the comments on greasy lake about this, i thought ok, that sounds good. and i've been to wembley so i really wanted to see the show again. but i didn't expect THIS. fantastic picture quality and the audio is also great. i love the parts that are filmed out of the pit, that really brings back the memory of being there and the feeling of standing in the middle of that enthusiastic crowd of people ... there's no particular song to point out, this film is a masterpiece in its entirety. maybe the best bruce springsteen concert film ever, at least for me.


Thanks again for the Wembley Blu Ray which arrived safely and before my birthday – just had time to watch the whole show and bonus content. Brilliant job, thanks – by far the best” bootleg” I have.


Everytime I am amazed about your great work! It is mindblowing!!


I never  get tired of watching your  New York City Serenade video.


Finally got a chance to pop in the bluray of Wembley; it arrived a few days ago.  Video is stunning. I have to think this one will be very very hard to top.  I can only imagine what Hannover looks like if it bests this.  Thanks for keeping the faith and all the hard work despite all the negativity.  While we have our differences, I appreciate your dedication to documenting the shows over all these years!


I'm probably one of the many e-mailing you right now! ;) Great to hear Hannover is finished, it looks and sounds tremendous.


By the way, I have now had chance to listen to the wembley audio on my living room stereo and it is excellent. It fits the blu ray picture perfectly and does give the CC release the body and audience feel you were looking to create. My mistake was actually getting the CDs and listening to it first in the car and listening to the audio on my headphones without video. It didn't work for me but I now realise I was listening to it the wrong way. I actually do prefer he CC audio in my car and on headphones, but as a video soundtrack you are right, your mix is the right one and fits perfectly. I am thrilled that you will be releasing Leeds before Xmas and I hope you manage to master a soundtrack worthy of the blu ray. I can imagine how this release could end up being sought after for years to come!


Wembley mal reingekuckt, Olli ich muss es nicht sagen, aber das Ding ist Sahne!!!


du glaubst gar nicht wie oft du Menschen damit glücklich machst.  Weiter ist toll was du tust.....


I have only had chance to watch about half an hour - but it is stunning, totally brilliant !!!! - THANK YOU!


Un-fucking-believable! Danke sehr!


Zu Hannover: Der Hammer! Danke! Ist wirklich klasse geworden.


wow Hannover ist mega geil geworden....für mich die neue Nr.1 und der sound echt erste sahne....vielen dank für die tolle arbeit ..


Just a quick message to say thanks for the Wembley Blu-ray. It is fantastic. Brilliant Work. The quality is outstanding. I will cherish this for a long time as this was my first ever Bruce show.


Just started watching the Hannover show this morning!! Really awesome again Olli!! To me Hannover is superb. #1 or not doesn't really matter... It's simply stunning!!


Der Mix generell ist wieder richtig klasse geworden, aber London gefällt mir dennoch einen Tick besser ;).


dank Dir. Die Scheiben sind angekommen. Hatte am Wochenende Gelegenheit mir Hannover anzuschauen. Großartig! Nicht nur Sound und Bild sondern auch das Konzert selbst.


congratulations its all i can say.


I received your Hannover mix in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the quick postage and thanks for sending the original .mkv's. I have of course seen your clips on YouTube before, but seeing it now on my tv in the highest quality possible is a whole new experience! Amazing! I wanted to compliment you on the tremendous job you have done. Having experience with video editing myself, I know how much work it is (just syncing everything up can already take ages), and I think many people underestimate that. I also think you did a great job with the cuts and angles you chose (the only small gripe for me is that I dislike the 'dissolve' transitions for concert footage as it takes the live feel a bit away for me, but I know that is just a matter of personal preference). In many ways I think there is more of an understanding and successful communication of what a Bruce show feels like live in your mixes than most of the official concert releases. Also loved the Nijmegen bonus footage btw! I remember reading on YouTube that that show was spoiled for you by some assholes in the pit, but it is probably my 2nd favourite show of 2013 (huge Darkness fan, so for me it was really memorable to get the full album). I hope that whoever shot that footage from slightly left-of-center and whoever taped that really good audio bootleg will consider making it available too one day. I'd gladly pay to solidify the memory of that great show. Anyway, just wanted to communicate my appreciation for the great mix. And I very much look forward to Mönchengladbach


die BD ist gestern angekommen. Vielen Dank! Das Lob mit dem vermutlich überschüttet wirst, ist mehr als verdient! Es ist wirklich unbeschreiblich schön dieses Konzert so nochmals erleben zu können! Ich bin absolut begeisert, obwohl ich mir noch nicht alles anschauen konnte.


You did a wonderful job editing all this shows


I don't think the pro-shot of Local Hero from Leeds is anywhere near as good as your multi-cam mix so I am excited to see your new pro-shot/multi-cam mix of that one!


Film kam bei der Hochzeit großartig an. Sogar noch besser als ich gedacht und gehofft hatte. Iska war zu Tränen gerührt. Die Hochzeitsgäste, die schon "Springsteen & I" kannten, waren schwer beeindruckt. Und auch die anderen, die von ganzen Materie nichts kannten waren begeistert. Also, alles richtig gemacht. Nochmal vielen Dank für deine Mühen und deine Geduld. Ich habe dann am Sonntag abend noch kurz in die eine oder andere Blu-Ray reingesehen und bin ob der Qualität dort auch schwer beeindruckt.


ich hab mir Hannover am Freitag in voller Länge angeschaut und es war ein einziger hochgenuss dieses großereignis nochmals in voller Länge und so toller Präsentation genießen zu können! Als springsteen Fan kann ich nur sagen: ein wahrer Segen für uns alle dass es dich gibt und du uns ermöglichst diese Konzerte wieder und wieder zu erleben...vielen vielen dank:-)!!


Thanks for brightening an otherwise crap birthday, as the Wembley & Hanover blu rays arrived this morning. I quickly viewed some of the Wembley songs, and as you say the quality is excellent, most of the video quality is hard to separate from what would be released officially!


Watched wembley partly this afternoon and I'm watching Hannover right now. What can I say man, you're really taking bootlegging to higher levels...It's the whole package: the picture quality, the editing, the depth in the audio mix...simply amazing. I really thought that Paris was impossible to top but you've done it! Now I'm so glad I didn't choose either Wembley or Hannover but ordered them both, I'd never wanted to miss one of these and I'm sure I'll watch these many, many times.


die BR von Frankfurt ist gut und Hannover ist Spitze ..... Wie du es schon angekündigt hast, wir sind begeistert von Bild und Ton.


sensational video


I read your mail in a hurry this afternoon, just had time to have a closer read and to watch the local Hero vid. It's incredible man!


Thanks for the Local hero vid man, it's brilliant.


when is your version of Leeds due. Will top the charts


But who needs official when we have you Olli. When will Leeds be ready to roll. And Irish compilation and Kilkenny x 2. And Rome. Oh gosh. You are doing a spectacular job. You have my support.


Oh my God!! I have just seen the video!!😅


Disc arrived this morning and went straight in the blu ray player. Absolutely fantastic, better than I hoped...and my expectations were high having read comments online


Much appreciated and keep up your great work! Just love watching wembley. Re living that concert is special! And to do it with Leeds will be amazing!


Many thanks for everything - you are the BEST !!!


Perhaps one Thom Zimney will ask for your help!


Danke dir sehr für die super DVD's ( blue rays) von die shows von paris 2012. Wirklich super gemacht.. Die bilder sind super und sound klasse. Habe auch den von milan 2012 gesehen , und muss sagen das denn qualitet weniger ist ja. Obwohl ich doch froh binn das es ein dvd davon gibt. Aber sound und bild kann man nicht vergleichen mit deinen.


your bluray are the best of all.....I also your dvd from Jungleland but I prefer to see the bluray...


First of all thanks for the Paris and Wembley shows you sent me , loved the 2 Paris shows great job! Still yet to watch Wembley but I'm sure it's great ! Thanks very much , the Leeds videos look excellent


Thank you again for your help, time and wonderful work on these projects.


This blu ray with audio will be your defining document and newer fans will be seeking it out in 20 years time from now as it may not ever be bettered and this will be your "born to run" moment as the release everyone talks about dvd dubbing guy. Maybe don't take quite as long as Bruce did with BTR, but this could be as legacy defining as that record was to him!


Deine Videos sind der absolute Wahnsinn. Es macht wahnsinnig große Freude sie anzuschauen und Bruce & Co. in dermaßen guter Qualität zu sehen. Für mich ist es jedes Mal wie eine kleine Entschädigung für die verpassten Konzerte und lädt den Akku wieder etwas auf. Du solltest echt versuchen, dieses Hobby zu Deinem Beruf zu machen.


Very nice indeed maestro


ja, das isses, geht nicht besser


Secret garden ist der


Wembley ist auch fantastisch geworden, ganz große Klasse!!!!!


Just one more reason I'm  glad you produce fantastic DVDs.


Ich werde schon vorher beschenkt mit HD8 und MGL und Leeds …. Dies sollte sich Bruce mal ansehen. Dann würde er vermutlich das Gleiche wieder zu Landau sagen, wie im Steigenberger 1986 auf seinem Bett als er Landau die beiden 1981er Stockholm boots zeigte und sagte, so sollten meine Platten aussehen.


DU HAST DICH WIEDER ÜBERTROFFEN mit MGL, gratuliere Dir. Und großen Dank. Deine Zusammenstellung der HD8 gefällt mir auch besonders gut. Nochmals danke.


Hammer!!! Vielen Dank!


Habe in Hannover auch schon kurz reingeschaut - unglaublich, wie Du das alles zusammengeschnippelt hast. Man könnte meinen es macht Dir Spaß ;-) Mir macht es großen Spaß, Bruce in dieser Qualität zuhause erleben zu können.


Großes Lob von meinem Nachbarn für Hannover.


die blu-ray von Mönchengladbach ist gestern bei mir eingetroffen. Tausend Dank an Dich für die schnelle Bearbeitung und die tolle Arbeit. Die Aufnahme des Konzerts ist fantastisch geworden, ganz großes Kino.


super toll gemacht!!!! Ich habe mich auch bei den Fotos "gefunden" ;-). Die Show war ja auch der absolute Hammer und ich freue mich schon auf die Bluray


danke für die tollen BluRays...wie immer fantastisch...aber das hörst du ja oft genug....:-)


kann ich das Meisterwerk überhaupt bezahlen ?  Diesmal hast du dich wirklich übertroffen. Das Bild, der Ton, das Menü alles vom feinsten ohne Ausnahme


Nice Local Hero Multicam. Congrats


Kam an. Ganz priiiiiiiiiiiiiima. Vieeeeeelen Dank. Die Bildschärfe unfassbar und die Dramaturgie


WOW - was soll ich sagen - fantastisches Video - und was für eine unfassbare Show das war!!!!! Waren wir da wiklich dabei???? Das Beste was ich bisher vom Boss gesehen habe - absolut!!! Bin sooooooo happy dass das noch vor Weihnachten kam - mein Nichtenkind wird sofort wieder in Kreischalarm verfallen wenn sie das sieht und my goodness - in USA würden sie bei Tenth wahrscheinlich lauter schwarze Balken drüberlegen und als nicht jugendfrei mit einem Index belegen....Und toll gefilmt und toll umgesetzt vom Olli - bin absolut begeistert..... grandios!!!!


Hab' die Blueray überraschenderweise schon im Briefkasten gefunden und bereits mit Begeisterung die Hälfte angeschaut. Da hast Du Dir wieder viel Mühe gegeben. Ist wirklich genial geworden, ich bin total begeistert (noch besser als Frankfurt). Vor allem find ich es toll, da ja vor dem Konzert wohl nicht die Erwartung bestand, dass von Mönchengladbach ein kompletter Mitschnitt erstellt wird. Jetzt haben sich während des Konzertes wohl doch Einige entschieden kräftig mitzufilmen. Ich hab auch ein paar von meinen Aufnahmen erkannt.


vielen Dank für die Bluray, habe sie mir angeschaut, bin von der Qualität absolut begeistert. das ist für mich eine wunderbare Erinnerung an ein super Konzert.


Mønchengladbach greate sound and picture. watch nearly the whole BD yesterday :) love it ;-) and Local hero from V 8 perfect!!!!


that was brilliantly filmed/edited


Bin bis jetzt bei Marys Place und mir geht schon wieder einer ab – Olli. ÜBERRAGEND AWESOME……echt großartige Arbeit und man denkt immer Steigerung geht ned….uff……..also wenn jetzt LEEDS NOCH besser werden soll……………ja dann mach ma´s offiziell *g* ;) Kein Thema ich finde was anderes und echt great work….alleine das Gladbach Intro……Abspritzkommando hoch 10 !!!!!


I received monchengladbach blu-ray yesterday and had my first impressions today: Simply amazing. I can't believe it but each release gets better man! Incredible how professional your blu-rays look. I now have 7 of your blurays. They're all fantastic but for me gladbach is your best so far. Wonderful camera angles, outstanding audio and your high standard editing.  So thanks again Olli, you amazed me again and I'm very sure I'm going to enjoy this one so much for years!  You litteraly made my day!


received your HD volume 8 blu ray and watched most of it at the weekend and really enjoyed it, it's fantastic. You did a great job with your own remix of local hero and it has certainly whetted my appetite for your Leeds release judging by the quality of your footage in that mix.


5 Sterne !! Auf dich is wie immer verlass! hab grad Gladbach zu ende geschaut!!! sehr sehr geil geworden!! aber das weisst du sicher selber!!!


bloody great job you do


habe heute die Mönchengladbach show bekommen, vielen Dank! Für mich die absolute Nummer 1, da kann Hannover bei weitem nicht mithalten. Ich rede jetzt nicht von der Bildqualität sondern von der Show bzw. Performance, den Emotionen und der Hammer Setlist. Hast du super gemacht. Mein absolutes Highlight von dieser Tour :-)


So far Moenchengladbach is my favorite bluray from 2013. Great show, great setlist and also, IMO, better quality. I like the fact that you're using mainly the 3 best quality cameras instead of dozens of angles from non-so-great cameras. It's mostly great picture quality which I appreciate very much. Can't wait for leeds!


just wanted to say that MGL is a monster! Feel very comfortable watching that one! HD Vol 8 is also a big favourite. Nice move with HH in the background, and the song collection after Rio and hyde park are exellent stuff!

A few days ago I received the MG and Hannover Blue Rays!! What a fantastic work did you there, my compliments on that!! I enjoy them very much, and its just a re-living of my concerts. Thank you very much for that!


Mouth well and truly watered!!!!!!!!!!


Ich schließe mich an, Olli, Gladbach topt alles!!! Echt der Wahnsinn, auch mein Nachbar war begeistert und kommt das nächste Mal mit.


You've set my heart racing at the prospect of the Leeds Blu-Ray


Cannot wait for this one to fall through my letterbox. Just like having Santa coming to visit a 43 year old. :-) The others were brilliant as usual but I was at Leeds so it will be extra special. Keep up the great work


Eine Rating-Agentur würde sagen AAA+ !!!


I got the Blu-rays today and looking forward to see them. I have just taken a short look and I'm really impressed by the quality. It will be a pleasure to see all of it.

Incredible!! I ve juste seen your Leeds preview it's WOW !!!


Leeds looks amazing I don't wanna watch the preview it makes me too excited haha! I will wait for the bluray then pump it loud and proud for 3 hours great job once again


Sensationell. Du hast Dich selbst nochmals übertroffen !!!!!


Wow Oli….das ist ja absolut atemberaubend…da muss ich auf keine offizielle DVD mehr warten…das ist besser und ja…du versprichst nicht zu viel, wenn Du sagst BEST EVER! Vielen Dank für alles, was Du für die Community tust!!! Ich kann mir nur vorstellen, was für ein Aufwand betrieben werden muss, um so was hinzukriegen. Das ist Top-Qualität und für das bezahle ich gerne! Mich nerven die elenden Motzer auf BTX, die sich daran stossen, wenn Du für die Bluray etwas verlangst…anstatt zu anerkennen, dass es so etwas noch nie gegeben hat…das sind Leute, die einfach nicht begreifen, dass Arbeit etwas kostet. Und die, die sich an Deinen Superlativen stören…mögen sich diese Preview anschauen…


GREAT mix, great quality cameras and angles!


Epic ! Well done. Have  a great Xmas - thanks for all your efforts.


Wow!! I don't care if this isn't available until the new year, don't rush this work of art!!


This is the best mother fucker monster beast of 'em all!


Your Leeds blu ray and Bruce's new album will be just the perfect start to 2014 !!


AWESOME OLLI!!! Just watched tiny bits...i dont want to see much in front of the release...It will make the first watch experience better I hope...


the recordings are incredible!


Gänsehaut! Sehr groß. :-)


Utterly Stunning! Loved the new intro. Many thanks for all your hard work. Talk about labour of love.


Wie sang schon Wolfgang Petry (oder sonst ein deutscher Sänger...): Das ist WAHNSINN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lass dir Zeit, gut Ding will Weile haben. Und: Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf diese Show!!!


Looks better than any official DVD. An honour to be part of that 600 pit and this video captures the experience wonderfully. The footage of Shout is what being at a Bruce concert is all about. A work of art this. Genius Olli, genius.


wow, mein Vorfreude kennt keine Grenzen! Das ist der Hammer!


Greeting from Leeds Ollie, Looks amazing Ollie really cant wait for this as i'm from Leeds it was a great show, never imagined Bruce playing a small venue on Wrecking ball tour especially opening Leeds Arena a dream come true. You are a very talented guy and your dvds are the best. Thank you so much for all your time and efforts , you have brought alot of joy to many Bruce fans. Keep up the great work much much appreciated.


I want to give you my compliments 'bout your work you did to make this BR. It looks great and give a great feel like 'being part of the crowd'. Last year i went to East Rutherford to see a show (the birthday one) and thought it was the best show he played (Cindy was a great one). Now i know the last couple of shows in Europe (2013) were more special


Hi, just got the bluray. Amazing I love it so thanks. And I have to say the quality is over my expectation. I was there booth nights so to have it on bluray is  Fantastic. Thank you once again!!


Hi, just got the bluray. Amazing I love it so thanks. And I have to say the quality is over my expectation. I was there booth nights so to have it on bluray is Fantastic. Thank you once again!!


Absoluter Knaller wirklich, hab fast meine Spätschicht verpasst, weil ich nicht davon loskam. Ist der Rest (vor allem Back in your Arms) aus Leipzig auch in so einer grandiosen Qualität ? Danke nochmals, du machst echt 'nen geilen Job, Olli.


Watched all of PARIS July 5th 2012 and LOVE that, then Hannover, Copenhagen and London still to finish watching. Love the "give right testicle" thing for DRIFT AWAY in Hannover, haha. Also FOR YOU with Paris is awesome.  All the multi-cam and audio is great. Ultimately I guess I'll do PARIS night 2 since the setlist is great and Patti is there along with his family. Great feel to that show.


For me, the excitement of finding a recording that truly represents the show we have seen or wish we could have attended is what it is all about and there should be no limit to whom is allowed to use these recordings. Over the past thirty three years I have collected obsessively and have built up a huge collection on all formats from cassettes to CD to DAT and now of course everything is downloaded in FLAC to hard drives. It is not about financial profit at all, since the expense would never be covered. The profit is in the wonderful experience of the concert and if we can re-create that with a CD or video then all the better. To have high definition video recording at our fingertips is a new, exciting but still very expensive technology. The time required to construct a Blu-Ray from multiple sources is rarely considered when those daft comments are made. I don’t have the time to do it myself, so I am happy to pay someone who is willing to put the time and effort into this and especially when achieving the best possible quality is the aim and not a rushed release to make a fast buck. Those commenting do not consider the necessary expense of cameras, hard-drives, software and of course dual layer discs that prevent this from ever being a ‘free enterprise’ unless you are particularly wealthy and have a lot of time on your hands. Having been a DAT trader in the 1990’s I amassed a large collection of masters acquired from USA and European collectors up to the time when FLAC took over in around 2003. Most of these collectors do not post anything to these torrent or discussion sites, since in general the posts are very immature and demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the true collector. Anyhow I am always happy to share my collection with a true fan who is prepared to put the time and effort in attempting to create the best version possible and if there is ever a show or upgrade you need, you let me know what you are looking for. In the meantime I continue to look forward to your excellent Blu-Rays and the thrill I still get, even after all these years, when something new drops on the doormat. Have a great Christmas and here’s to an exciting 2014.


I can't wait for Leeds , your work's awesome buddy man !!!


We are many who appreciate the work you do and all the time you put into this. I don't understand all the whining on various Springsteen forum pages, but I hope you continue with the wonderful job you do for us real Springsteen fans.


Your contributions to the Bruce community is becoming more vital with each release. We need you pal


Downloaded betterday’s Leipzig BD. Have been watching first three songs. Well, it is for free and I say Thank you. But the sound is loud, little thin I think. You're versjon of lucky tonn sees hotter. I can also see this is not a dubbingguy production. I will not comment on jl. For Those who doesn't buy your bd's I am sure this one is fine, But for us that are used to your version I am not so sure....


I wish you a merry Christmas. You have had some tough time on some BS forum, but you have a tough style so I guess you cope well. But now it's time for Christmas and New Years Eve holiday, and then we lucky ones can look forward to more great releases from you in 2014. Have a great Holiday


Thanks a lot for your hard work on the videos: they are always stunning.


Hello Olli sorry I have only just come across this email very sorry to hear about the grief you are getting on jungleland did see some of it to moan about 5 minutes seems rather petty even if it his about his principles about selling dvds i can understand you selling them if people are travelling show to show and lots of people get benefit from it with the wonderful films then the people deserve to be recompensed for that and the time and effort cant enjoy the show as much as everyone else whilst you are filming


I gave the Gothenbourg show to my friend who's got it as a present for his 50 years birthday. We watched it last weekend together and he thought it was marvellous.


Wünsche dir Frohe Weihnachten. Habe die blue rays von Hannover, Berlin-Köln-Pinkpop, gesehen. Ist superr.. Sehr gute bilder und super sound..Macht richtig spass deine video's anzuschauen..Als wenn man mitten drinn steht.. Und Bruce's konzerten bleiben immer verschieden.. Niehmahls das selbe..Danke dir das du so schöne arbeit machst und viele fans mit deine video's soviel freude und spass gibs Freundliche Grüsse aus Holland


Hello mate happy new year, yesterday I recieved your bluray and munich discs! First thing I done this year was watch monbac and it's was amazing! So much respect for you! Makes me wonder just how good Leeds is gonna be! Super job yet again


big fan of your work on springsteen editing!


Hab mal nur ne halbe Stunde kurz in die Paris-1-Show reingekuckt, boah, Hammermaterial! Da geht einem echt das Herz auf :) Danke Danke, da hast echt n coolen Job gemacht!


Hi Olli, I wrote this to JLM: Dear Mr. Landau, I am aware that an exceptional quality DVD recording of the Leeds show has been made by fans for fans in HD, and that currently a fan made audio recording has been used for the soundtrack. I sincerely hope that you will get to see the concert film as I know you will agree that it is a work of art that Bruce himself would be proud to view. I hope you too feel that this DVD deserves a soundboard audio mix and I am pleading with you to release the audio of Leeds as soon as possible before other wrecking ball shows are also considered for release in conjunction with new shows in 2014.


Copy and paste from my mail to JLM: I am aware that fans use recording of the shows to create DVDs that encapsulate better than any official release the feelling of Bruce Springsteen live experience. The video quality is pretty good nowadays but the audio recordings doesn't quite live up to the video experience. Using a soundboard audio mix would create something that will surpass every official release in terms of filmed live experience.


As always you're the best Ollie! Can't wait for your Leeds DVD, chances are it's looking to be better than a Bruce Inc Thrill Hill production anyway!


Your feature length Leeds preview on YouTube must have been seen by the IEM and CC guys so it is already clear that this is the best audience filmed concert of all time. I'm sure it comes down to money and they would want a fee, and that's fine. If it means you have to sell the blue rays for double the cost then everyone will understand as it will make the release the definite document of Bruce and the ESB still at the peak of their performing powers. There must be a way we can achieve this. Your video deserves an IEM / aud matrix.


Congratulations! We are all in for a release to treasure and to show the children in the future!


Another copy and paste from a friend who sent a letter to JLM and forwarded it to me: Dear Jon Landau Management, I have learned from a recently given interview (Rolling Stone) that the possibility of releasing soundboard recordings of concerts is being discussed. I must say I am pleased with that and deeply hope that such a thing will come true in near future. Remembering the 14 shows I attended of the Wrecking Ball tour I would like to have videos of those amazing concerts. I have some that are pretty good and the audio is really not bad. But a soundboard recording would make it much better, as I can hear it in your soundboard audio released of Leeds' Local Hero and Secret Garden. I was at the Leeds concert which was my final and best concert of the tour. And now it comes to the point. I know that there is an excellent video in HD made by fans for fans. How very very nice would it be if there would be added a soundboard audio! I am sure you would be glad about it if you could possibly see it. Please make this extraordinary project possible. By the way, it would be another great contribution of Bruce's to his dedicated fans. Kind regards


An excerpt from another one sent to JLM. There exists a wonderful fan-made multi-cam video of this particular show and with a better (professional) audio it would most probably become the best fan footage of any concert (not only Bruce’s) to date. Thank you in advance to give this fan petition a consideration! Wishing you all the best for the future and many more exciting tours and releases. Thank you in advance to give this fan petition a consideration! Wishing you all the best for the future and many more exciting tours and releases.


Man I really love the video from Monchengladbach. What a great show and you did a fantastic job creating this video. Wow! Thanx a thousand times for this.


Amazing work you lay down on theese bluerays Olli


You're doing a very great job!!!


Received the Paris blu rays when u got home from work...watching the first night now. AMAZING. Thank you.


I have downloaded several of your shows from Jungleland in the past, and think they are fantastic. I was at the Leeds show last year, and would love to get a copy of the Blu Ray discs. Thanks for all the hard work,


this is stunning!! Even if this last Stockholm show was maybe hard to judge objective straight after Turku shows in much smaller venue, this video tells that it was a classic Bruce show in Sweden.


einfach nur grossartig dieses video von stockholm


the last two u sent me are fantastic


I will keep buying Blurays as it's the best quality and your efforts and time spent doing this is incredible.


Fucking hell Olli. My wife is still out so watching this for the first time. I don't know what to say, unbelievable. Absolutely loving it.


F**KING GREAT JOB!!! Can't even imagine the time you spend on that show! Looking foward for the complete version. Congratulations and a huge THANKS OLLI!


I also watched the preview of Paris show. It's amazing!!


Hi, and first of all really compliments for your multicam videos…


Incredible! What a masterwork that should take you a few time! Your work is on home page and… Thanks again to always think about me to diffuse it


Well, finally I got around to watching these concerts (it's been busy at work). London first as I don't thing anything will ever beat Paris 2. London was fantastic and I enjoyed the memories so much and so I sat down to enjoy Paris which includes Incident  - my all time favourite song.


Now you're talking. It's amazing as it is but upgrading it with sbd audio would be pure heaven! Loving your work.


Habe mitlerweile beide gesehen und bin begeistert gewesen! Super Arbeit! Obwohl ich ehrlich sagen muss, dass mir Hannover sogar noch einen Tick besser gefallen hat als Gladbach (obwohl ich da selbst live dabei war).


better than pro,,,,, a masterpiece...the definitive rosalita




F A B U L O U S !! Keep 'em comin'!!!


Ohmygod Olli, thank you!!! WHAT a performance!!! I can´t breathe.


A W E S O M E !!! F R I D A Y     F U N :)


Dream Baby Dream was one of the highlights so far


Beautiful and so much better for being in black and white.


Totally amazing !!  You are the best in my book , such enjoyable things you do , I hope other thank you as well , you deserve it !!!


Cinematograficorgasm ! Editing at it's best. Thx for sharing.


Hab Tränchen in den Augen, nen Kloß im Hals. Wie schon 2005 in D und HH. Einfach nur wunderschön. Und dann eben das absolut tolle Video. Oliver, da hast du Recht - eines der Schönsten :-).


Wow! Der Boss selbst war aber auch nicht schlecht .. ;)


Ist wie immer eine Augenweide!!!


Absolute art! Thanks. 


Wow... this is incredible! Thank you so much for making it.


Excellent, Olli. Congrats.


Thanks for all the hard work, much appreciated.


I thought the official video for Dream Baby Dream was the best he has done, but this version is up there. How can one song and video can be so emotional?


Absolutely brilliant. A beautiful version of a this song which I fell in love with from one of my favourite tours (D&D).


goosebumps! fantastic! great! unique! what else can we say?


No doubt this is MESMERIZING!!!! Yes, your best video ever and it looks like an official one.


Thank you for sharing Oliver! That is mindblowingly beautiful!!


Ich bin restlos weg vor Begeisterung. Was für ein Intro, was für ein Sound!! Phänomenal. Geht mir wie dir .... can't get it ouf my head. P.S. Auch das wunderbare Video von Dream Baby Dream hat's mir angetan!


Love Love Love! I know how u feel with putting hours of work into a video. And then you watch it and you're just like "that's it:)"


einfach grossartig!!! vielen dank oli, dass du die nacht für die 2 videos zum tag gemacht hast


Haunting, compelling and simply amazing


this was stellar! Very well done on the artistic side - mesmerizing!


You have done an amazing job by putting all this together! I have seen The preshow, complete show up to darlington and a lot from there on to the end of the first night. What was interesting for me, was that I never knew which angle you're gonna use next(!). Suddenly this guy comes up with upfront very good picture on Prove it 78! Prove it was a great mix, and pay me. I can only imagine how patient you have been working on this one. A lot of color mix on night one from the cameras. Well, O knew that from all The other stuff..


Great job with menues and how it works! Now I watching just a little bit Of night 2. Some good sources from front left on promised land. In the end, I am very very thankful for this Oslo BD! It is the worst thing you have done, but is is great!!


anyway Ollie that stuff you post is amazing - thank you


I was more than happy to give you my footage. From what I read on the forums, many do not want to give out their footage ..... I think are wrong, because your work is the best of all


Many thanks.And I just wanted to let you know i love this release. Of course it`s not one of your best,but I found it very nice. And it`s a great souvenir for us who were there in April of 2013. And all of my friends loved it too.So many thanks Oliver for doing such a massive job for us Bruce fans.We really appreciate it.


I love what you did with my videos - multi-cam away !


I just finished watching Oslo carefully ........ just gorgeous




OMG. It just brings me right back. Not only one of the best from 12/13 but quite simply one of the best ever. Cannot wait to relive it all over again. Great job Olli. Spectacular


God bless you, you've created the best video ever!!! Thank you for all your efforts, it was worth waiting until now.


I can't agree more, this video is just... stunning, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling!!!


your work with these videos is amazing.


I watched and listened to your video on youtube and i must say that i take back everything  i said  in one of my earlier emails. The mixed audio sure is a great improvement . The professional did a wonderful job and i'm looking forward to hear (and see off course) the whole show.


was hast Du gemacht. Nach fast 30 Jahren Konzertvideos, legal und illegal, diese DEINE Leeds-Aufnahme und -Bearbeitung. Herzlichen Dank für das Beste was ich jemals und bisher gesehen habe. Geht kaum noch besser, naja, ich kenne Dich ein wenig und weiß, dass dies bei Dir nicht zutrifft. Endlich mal auf einem Konzertvideo der „würdige“ Abgang, wie ich Konzerte erlebe. Nicht nach dem letzten Ton Bild und Ton aus. Ich bleibe immer noch gerne ein wenig, sehe auf die leere Bühne wo wieder gearbeitet und aufgeräumt wird. Und noch die Musik aus Once  upon the time läuft. Ein Blick über das Publikum. Das ist absolute Klasse, dass wenigstens Du einmal versteht, wie ein gutes Konzert zu Ende geht. Nochmals danke.


Richtig genial, hat mich gestern umgehauen... (man beachte das spezielle Intro;-).


You are a damn perfectionist, that's why we love you.


komme grad aus dem Urlaub und finde deine Leeds im Briefkasten...schmeiß alles in die Ecke und ran an den Player :-)   tolle Aufmachung Cover, BluRay Druck und dein Auftritt :-)!!!


Du hast nicht zuviel versprochen...die Show ist der absolute Hammer !!! Eine absolut super Bildqualität aus meheren Blickwinkeln und der Sound überzeugt sehr. Auch das von Dir erstellte Intro und Menü....geil. Was noch sehr sehr positiv auffällt ist die bedruckte BluRay !!!!!! Du wirst es nicht glauben aber ich habe gestern sogar auf die Bundesliga Konferenz auf Sky verzichtet um mir das Konzert von Leeds anzuschauen...und das heisst schon was. Bitte bitte so weiter machen. Ganz dickes Lob !!!


ich hatte eine wundervolle 3-Stunden-Konzert-Experience mit Deiner Blueray, und alles, was hier unten steht, stimmt.


Das Konzert ist echt einsame Spitze und ich muss den anderen Recht geben. Das ist das beste nicht offizielle Konzert, was ich bisher gesehen habe, sowohl Bild als auch Ton. Da hast du dich selbst übertroffen.  Nett ist aber auch der Einstieg, solltest dir mal überlegen ob du dich nicht mal beim Fernsehen bewirbst.


habe gestern die Disc bekommen, und am Abend bereits in den Player gelegt. Noch die ganze angeschaut, mal die erste Hälfte. Sieht SUPER aus, einfach SENSATIONELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wie willst du das nur toppen? ;-))


die Leeds Blu-Ray ist bei mir auch heile angekommen. Ich kann mich den Lobeshymnen nur anschliessen. Gibt es eigentlich bei den Academy Awards einen "Oscar" für "best independent music film production" ?


Got my Leeds bluray yesterday. Was it worth the wait, fucking hell was it! I had a total Bruce Leeds immersion night last night & watched the show from start to finish, which I don't always do. Its outstanding, words can't describe how good it is. Once my kids had gone to bed, I put my headphones on & cranked up the volume. Turned the lights off & its almost as if I was there again. Is there something you could do to recreate the smell & atmosphere? Favorites 'This depression' love the B&W render. '41 shots', made the hairs on my neck stand up. 'Thunder Road' I had a tear in my eye I saw myself on the front of the inner stage a couple of times when he did the walk. Still annoyed about all the background shouts & whistles during 'If I should fall behind'  Problems: 1. My TV isn't big enough 2. I need a better sound system connected to the TV. The only thing I can think that might and I say might, is if they release an official high quality audio recording of the show for you to dub that to your wonderful edit. I don't think any official video release could really compete with the work you & the other tapers have done. Thanks again for this Olli.


Vom Feinsten!!! Das Beste, was ich an Konzert-DVDs/Blu-Rays gesehen habe. Vielen vielen Dank für die fantastisch bearbeitete Show!!! Auch die Boni gefallen.


What have you done....Simply put, concert video can not be any better than this, and I had time just to watch 3 first songs and clips from other songs here and there. Audio and video are top quality as the show itself. What can I say, big Thank You!!!! This is a masterpiece.


Hi Oliver! Got my blu-ray today  . Started watch it right away. Now i'm lost for words.  Huge thank you my friend.


Moritz liegt schon lange im Bett, Yvonne ist vor 30 Minuten in die Badewanne gegangen und ich wollte die Gelegenheit nutzen um mal durch die beiden Konzerte zu zappen, die Du mir geschickt hast. Habe also Leeds eingelegt und..... zappen ging dann nicht mehr – viel zu schade. Was hast Du uns da hingezaubert???!!! Irgendwie hat man ja schon was Besonderes erwartet, aber mit dieser Qualität habe ich ganz ehrlich nicht gerechnet. Der Sound ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Die Wechsel der Kameraperspektiven... es passt einfach alles zusammen. Einzig Bruce wirkt am Anfang nicht so locker und fröhlich wie sonst. Bei No Surrender hat man ihn auch schon anders erlebt. Jetzt läuft gerade Hungry Heart und da gefällt er mir schon wieder besser. Yvonne sitzt inzwischen auch wieder auf dem Sofa und ist ebenfalls begeistert. Nach Local Hero geht es leider erst mal ins Bett, aber ich freue mich schon auf den Rest und darauf, die Anlage dann mal voll aufzudrehen, während ich Yvonne und Moritz eine Runde zum Spazieren nach draußen schicke. Ganz lieben Dank für dieses grandiose Masterpiece!!!


Amazing work as always Oli. I agree it was worth the wait  super audio too. All  blue rays are great . This might be the best so far. Is that you running in the beginning.  Cool intro. Thank you so much my friend . The Bruce community would be lost without your awesome projects of greatness of our favorite artist.


Mein Kiefer steht immer noch weit offen, denn ich habe gestern die Leeds blu-ray geschaut. Wow! Ist ja der Hammer! Professionell gefilmt, schöne Schnitte, keine Hektik, aber eine Super-Dynamik. Graulation! Es macht grossen Spass, sich das anzusehen. Allerdings sprüht die Bluray ja förmlich über vor Highlights ;-) Deine Intros, die Aftershow-Party mit "Elvis" und vor allem die Amigos! Grosses Kino! Irgendwie sind die ja auch Punk. Die hatten nichts, ziehen einfach ihr Ding durch und spielen immer den selben Song, sehen aus wie Mumien und sollen sogar noch coole Hunde sein. Kürzlich habe ich gelesen, dass bei einer Amigos-Show der Strom in der Halle ausgefallen sei und sie hätten einfach Unplugged weitergespielt. Also nochmals vielen Dank für die Disc! Sehr geil! Mach's gut und bis bald.


Leeds ist da und läuft bei mir rauf und runter. A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!! Alter, die Messlatte liegt ziemlich hoch....wie willst du das noch toppen...bewerb dich mal beim Springsteen -Management für die nächste offizielle BluRay 


Brilliant, thanks for all you hard work , a labour of love


All I say about the Leeds show is that I have just watched it from start to finish and genuinely feel I have just spent four hours standing in the pit. It really did feel like I was there. The audio quality was pretty much perfect and I expect it to be difficult to surpass this production with any official release. You have just brought unofficial video to a new level.


Hi Olli i am watching the Leeds i am upto LOHAD i don`t know how to say i don`t think there is an adjective for it but here goes Sensational, Stunning i could go on and on. You have every right to be proud of this and i am not putting anything else you have done down this just surpasses them as good as they are .Thank you for this masterpiece.


Got Leeds on thursday. Last night I saw evrything from beginning to end. I am speechless - stunning work.


Hi mate, I showed my mum and dad your blu ray today and they were open mouthed speechless. My mum hasn't got a clue about bootlegs but she couldn't understand why hmv and all record stores wouldn't sell it. She said "I haven't seen this advertised on tv"! She thought I was joking when I told her it was filmed by a non professional audience camera "crew"!


This is a work of sheer genius! Dropped through my door yesterday and immediately watched the whole thing(including all the extras). What a nice guy you are to communicate with too,extremely friendly and helpful. Totally blown away with the astonishing quality of both sound and vision,the greatest unofficial concert film EVER!


thanks for the Leeds show Bluray. I spent most of sunday watching and rewatching, not only have you created a masterpiece you have preserved a piece of 'Boss' history. All the edits you made and the great menu transitions, all superb, mixing in CC audio takes it to the masterpiece level. Your a very talented guy and may your love affair with creating these great shows last far into the future.


Hey Olli I hope you don’t mind I just posted this on the Lake: Ok, so I'm in the pit queue at Leeds. The guy with the next number  to me is German, we get talking, I've been to Germany many times so we have a good chat. He seems like a really friendly bloke. Any how, after a while he says he needs to go back to his hotel, he's forgotten his recording equipment. He's gone for a while but then returns with his 'mike' stuffed up the bottom of his jeans. One or two around me have sussed that this guy is a bootlegger or whatever  you want to call them and seem to know who he might be. I'm clueless. We then get let in to the Arena and both of us are blown away by how small the pit is, handshakes and high fives follow, the German guy takes his spot centre stage, I move over further to the right of the stage.  We don't see each other for the next 3 hours, plus, as we witness one of the greatest Bruce shows, yes I know, it's all about opinions. After the concert I then go to the Tiger Tiger? where Mark Wright is going to play. I bump into the German guy again and he shows me some of the footage he's taken, just on the small screen of his Sony camera it looks absolutely fantastic. Now obviously I've seen loads of stuff from this dvddubbingguy on Youtube but it's only when I come on here again after the Leeds show that I realise that dvddubbingguy is Olli and he is the guy I was stood with at Leeds. I contact him through this site, he remembers me and at the time he was getting a lot of unjustified stick on sites, so was happy to hear a friendly voice. I've since got several of his blu rays and of course this week it arrived,  Leeds.


There are official releases, there are Olii's excellent releases, then there is Olli's Leeds blu ray, the Breaking Bad of Bruce releases. Absolutely stunning, a fitting tribute to a fantastic show. On top of that I got to meet the guy himself and I share Lillhammers take on what a good guy he is to deal with. Top bloke.


I have received the Leeds Blu Ray - what a treat! This is for sure the best amateur video EVER! And the sound is amazing too. Can't weait to see the rest of the show once I get the time :-) Thanks for the effort my friend!


Today I skipped my plans after work and couldn't resist watching. It's really fantastic! And fun surprise right after the show, seeing myself popping up, and the photo after the show, and the footage from the after party. Great surprises, and the bonus from LOD is great. Nice to see Astrid in it.


Leeds arrived today, excellent work! The new menu design and picture disc is great And of course the footage as ever fantastic


The package with Leeds arrived yesterday, I saw it last night .... AWESOME. I think the most beautiful I've ever seen! LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! I really appreciated this!


Übrigens finde ich, dass deine Veröffentlichungen tatsächlich besser sind als viele offizielle DVD.


Vielleicht hat auch Lieberberg es weitergesandt oder HP Bushoff von BMG, weil beide mir am Telefon sagten, sie hätten noch nie ein besseres Video gesehen und beide - und das ist größte Kompliment - es sich KOMPLETT angesehen haben. Jetzt weißt Du auch, wo der BAP Wunsch herkommt!!! Einfach ein phantastische Arbeit von Dir


Your videos are the best! Yes I watched the don't change video and immediately thought they must have seen your videos!


Vermutlich hat's ein Praktikant/Azubi geschnitten, um die Kosten für so was niedrig zu halten ;) Sie sollten dich engagieren, dann würden solche Produkte mehr aus Fan-Perspektive hergestellt werden und den meisten wahrscheinlich besser gefallen. Ich finde sowohl das offizielle als auch dein Video gut, wenn man aber die Möglichkeiten und Mittel auf offizieller Seite berücksichtigt, gewinnst du haushoch!


I gotta say these last videos Bruce Inc published are crap: so stupidly dark. And this new one looks like Zimny tried to imitate you. But he fails. He who has access to the official cameras uses fan cameras instead, and not the best ones. Ridiculous. As I said on twitter, fans are more professional each time making videos, and professionals are more amateurish each time... sad.


YOU should get the job in the Bruce camp Ollie. Why they would want to use blocked heads, shaky angles and poor color is beyond me! Trying to be exciting? It's annoying to watch. Your update, however....... Superb my friend


Wow Bruce inc really is playing to your strengths now at last Olli. If you manage to get three complete recordings from each camera angle to then retrospectively create the best multi cam mix dubbed pro-shot blu ray with the official audio download when it comes out it could be the best....well the mind boggles.


Yesterday me and my wife spend 3 hours watching the Leeds Bluray. We use to skip some tracks which are commmon on Bruce shows nowadays but not this time. The footage is amazing, for me it's better than  an official release. There is a true live-feeling in the filming, absolutely amazing. Olli- you are a genius and I agree with "Lilyhammer", you are very nice to communicate with and very friendly. Keep up the good work and I'm really looking forward for future releases, especially the Stockholm concerts.


BTW, finished Leeds. My favorite Bluray so far, lots of great angles and some fabulous cameras (yours I guess), and excellent sound. A pleasure to see.


Xmas before december....Just arrived this morning...Beautifull work. Îm waiting for my second hope now...Padova-Rome-Paris....Thanks a lot


Mönchengladbach BD was excellent in first place. The best stadium videobootleg release so far. This new mix will take it even a step further closer to heaven! Thanks for remixing!


I see this as a playful thing by one of the producers... It has waay too many cuts just as you say Olli. I believe they are playing around with this and waiting for input and how the community receives it :) I am positive that Bruce Inc are in some way subscribed to your newsletters Olli. You are a great impact to the community! KUPTGW! =)


The Leeds bluray was fantastic, better than an official release.


What can I say?? A HUGE thank you for the truly amazing Springsteen in Leeds DVD. It is absolutely OUTSTANDING. I have seen Bruce 60+ times since 1981 and can honestly say that this was the best show I’ve ever been to - and in the best venue I’ve ever been to - and in My Hometown! It’s also the best concert film I have ever seen. Then as an added bonus, two hugely unexpected things at the end. The first came when I saw that I am on their myself! At the end of the show, just before the still photo comes up (is that you in the BTR shirt), there is a shot of a guy in a shirt with a flag on the back (it looks like a Stars & Stripes but it is a Breton flag from France) embracing a girl. They guy is me and the girl is Michaela Berlini - a huge Bruce fan who I have been in touch with for years on Facebook but that night in Leeds was the first time I met her. The second added bonus was the video of Hope & Social, who have become my second favourite band, You are right, we should start a petition for them to support Bruce the next time they are in Leeds. Amazing band. So all in all, an fantastic dvd. Olli, the next time you are in Leeds you are more than welcome to stay with me and my wife. Thanks once again. The DVD is truly exceptional!


die Leeds Blueray ist wirklich der Hit! Wir haben sie gestern abend über hervorragende Bose Lautsprecher gehört, dazu großer Bildschirm - ein Traum! Selbst mein kritischer Mann war ganz hin und weg.


Leeds ist der Oberhammer! Ich hab's u.a. mit Kumpels geguckt (keine Bruce-Fans) und sogar die fanden's super. Extrem intensiv, perfekt geschnitten und mega-authentisch. Eigentlich hätte ich Eintritt verlangen und an Dich weiterleiten sollen.


I just wanted to congratulate you on the Leeds masterpiece – I watched the dvd last night and it is indeed pretty extraordinary. Well done!


It's a work of genius. Thanks, and take a bow.


heute komme ich mal wieder dazu, dir zu schreiben und dir für eine weitere tolle Blu ray von Bruce zu danken. Leeds ist auch wundervoll!! geworden. Die Schweizerinnen Angy und Susann waren jetzt am Wochenende bei mir und wir haben mehrmals!!!! auf dich angestoßen (du müsstest eigentlich die positive Energie regelrecht gespürt haben ;-))). Sie waren echt beeindruckt von deinen Schneidkünsten!!! Und weil wir uns so sehr über diese tolle Blu ray gefreut haben, haben wir halt ziemlich oft: Auf Olli!! gesagt. . Aber keine Angst, wir haben nicht zu viel getrunken.


You used my clip and gave this song such a great feel. Loved it. Gladly use my stuff any day.


i saw only some little piece here and there, and as always is GREAT!!!! Any time you do a new video, you improve always, like wine ;-) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


I have just finished watching Leeds. Wow. Amazing. Fantastic job. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but had to watch Rome & Munchen. I really think you surpassed yourself with both shows, they both look and feel magnificent! I was at Rome and it was the best show of 2013 with Wembley (for me) a Hot 2nd. The audio is superb on both shows - Well done to the audio guy you used. Once again Olli, thanks for your time, effort and love that you put into all your DVD's.


absolut atemberaubend ! Freue mich total darauf und bin glücklich, dass ich ein etwas dazu beitragen konnte.


Honestly...I disagree completely with the way you act on the public forums...BUT...I just watch again parts of your Paris 2012 night 2 BR and I must say that the quality is stunning. The editing is perfect, true to the spirit and the flow of the show and some close up shots are absolutely magnificient ! It´s a brilliant work and, you're right, much more enjoyable, especially when you were at the show, than the official release !!! I had to tell you that I enjoy tremendously the BR (considering that I'm usually not fond of vidéos)...And I can't wait for Leeds & Paris 2013 !!!! Have a safe trip and congratulation !


Deine BluRay ist schon vor 2 Tagen bei mir angekommen - erstmal Danke, dass sie vorab genießen darf. Ich hatte auch gleich am ersten Abend bis Spirit geschaut, leider hatt ich seitdem keine Zeit, weiter zu schauen. Allerdings kann ich jetzt schon sagen, dass Dir da wieder ein Meisterwerk gelungen ist. Auch das Audio passt erstaunlich gut am TV. Fehler oder auch nur kleine Unsauberheiten sind mir bislang nicht aufgefallen - das einzige ist, dass Du auf dem Cover "Waitin' on a sunmy day" geschrieben hast. Keine Ahnung, ob Du das korrigieren willst - im Disk-Menü ist alles perfekt. Besonders cool ist übrigens mal wieder das Outro - unglaublich, wie man da nochmal diese Mischung aus Erschöpfung und zugleich tiefer Glückseeligkeit nachempfinden kann. Und ganz nebenbei gibts den einen oder anderen Bekannten zu sehen...Nochmals Danke und viel Vergnügen mit Bruuuuuce in the USA


da ist dir wirklich ein Meisterstück gelungen....hervorragend!!!


I haven't heard back from Blacklab yet. But I'm sure he will not be sharing his footage with you. My recommendation to you (take it or leave it) is to forget about him. Also, don't call him out publically when you present your video. It takes away from the excellent quality of your work. Let your videos speak for you and fuck those who don't share.


Did I tell you how much I love the Leeds Blu-ray? I was there and the Blu-ray is an incredible memento!


na, dass liest sich ja fantastisch. Toll, dass du dabei gewesen bist. Ganz, ganz toll!!! Ich freue mich total für dich. Und deine Aufnahmen sind auch wieder spitzenmäßig. Ich freue mich auch, dass du so viele neue "Fans" gefunden hast ;-). Sieht man ja gleich an den Kommentaren und an der Klickanzahl ;-). Super!!! Selbst der ehemals motzende eastwood hat mir auf dem Bruce-Fantreffen in Kassel deine blu rays empfohlen. Natürlich ohne zu wissen, dass ich schon einige habe ;-). Von Leeds schwärmte er total und sagte sogar in der Runde, dass die bei ihm fast jeden Tag läuft. So eine Hammerqualität hat die. Und er gab mir sogar den Tipp, dass du auch Leipzig machst. Ja, da kannst du mal sehen, irgendwann merken es doch alle, dass du einfach die besten Aufnahmen machst. Ansonsten war das Fantreffen an sich nicht schlecht, aber ich muss nun nicht immer dabei sein. Mit Suso war es natürlich sehr unterhaltsam. Dann wünsche ich dir (nicht ganz uneigennützig ;-)) gaaaaaaaaaaaaanz viel Zeit, um alle Projekte fertigzustellen. Aber denke daran, der Sommer kommt und Sonne sowie frische Luft sind sehr wichtig ;-)).


Not sure if you saw my videos from last week in Pittsburgh on YouTube but they came out really good. You are certainly welcome to use them if you want for any project. There are many other nice ones from the shows as well, if a good audio surfaces with your talent I would think you could come up with an amazing compilation.


Your videos are fantastic. Leeds is tremendous and I love Paris 2012, in fact all of them. I don't know how you do it Ollie, it must take a huge amount of time and patience. Anyway, I'll keep in touch for the Mohegans. I live in Bangkok by the way. Your videos have given me so much pleasure and I agree, they're better than Bruce's!! All the best, you're a marvel!


Looks fantastic Olli. The end credit makes your viewpoint perfectly clear. Again, I don't like when you call out the other filmers who won't share with you. I'll reach out to Blacklab and Rat. But again, I don't think they plan to share with you.


I want to thank you for your work in the bluray of Paris, the images are awesome and the sound too. Perfect work! I hope the records that are coming it will be much better for the soundboard audio. No surrender!


Let me thank you once again. My mum and I watched part of your Stade de France 2013 show last weekend. Just pure pleasure.


Hi Ollie , sounds like you had a great trip , glad you were able to get tickets to the shows, I'm sure you vids will be as good as ever😎.


Die Blu Rays sind weltklasse! Einfach genial!


Fucking awesome mate!! Excellent quality. Thanks very much


hammer, das klingt ja echt total klasse!!! Ich bin von dem Bild und auch von dem Ton total begeistert!!!


Thanks for your response and for the hours of Bruce music you have provided over the years. Your work is much appreciated.


You're right - it is brilliant. Brings back great memories of my first ESB show in Italy. Superb natural sound and the best audience participation I have heard on a recording. So much better than the 'digital' unnatural sound of the 2014 downloads proving there is still a place for a stellar audience bootleg.


besten Dank für Deine BluRay-wieder spitzenmäßig! :)) Tolle Quali und Schnitt! Schön auch, dass formatfüllende Szenen des Publikums (hier: tanzende Franzosen) mit drin sind! Gefällt mir! Du hast mir wieder eine große Freude gemacht!


the leeds show is the greatest boot dvd of all time !!! You should be in hollywood . Springsteen should hire you!!!


BR ist gestern angekommen - DANKE! Ist wieder großes Kino!! Und dann auch noch mit dem offiziellen Soundbord Audio, einfach Klasse!! Warum nur sind das keine offiziellen Veröffentlichungen...Nun bin ich gespannt auf Deine "Mohegan Sun Recordings“


Ich will sie haben, die feinsten Werke. Die Herangehensweise, die ich aus deinen Mails entnehme – aber auch schon mal ein paar Sekunden hier und da auf YouTube gesehen habe…nun:  I can relate to your perfectionism.


Neider gibt es leider überall und wer nicht selbst Videos aus mehreren Quellen bearbeitet hat kann ermessen, wie viel Zeit und Mühe dahinter steckt. Dein "Preis" ist wirklich nicht zu hoch, möchte nicht wissen, wie hoch dein wirklicher "Stundenlohn" ist...Leider kann ich mir aus persönlichen finanziellen Gründen nicht all zu viel leisten, muß mich halt auf Highlights und selbst besuchte Konzerte beschränken. Deiner Kritik zu der Qualität der offiziellen Downloads kann ich nur zustimmen, war aber zumindest mal ein Anfang, hoffe ich zumindest! Deine ausgezeichnete Audi-Qualität erschließt sich allerdings auch nur den Leuten, die über dementsprechende Anlagen verfügen. Außerdem muss eine "Hörfähigkeit" vorhanden sein, die wohl leider vielen schon abhanden gekommen ist.  In vielen weiteren Kritikpunkten deiner mail stimme ich dir uneingeschränkt zu. Kurz gesagt, jemand der "Material" hortet, es nur einem kleinen, ausgewähltem Kreis zur Verfügung stellt, ist in meinen Augen nicht als Teil der fan community zu bezeichnen(und sollte auch sein Maul halten)! Lass dich, trotz negativer Erfahrungen nicht unterkriegen!!! Ich wünsche dir vor allen Dingen, das du nicht den Spaß an deiner Arbeit verlierst, denn sonst besteht die Gefahr, das du damit aufhören könntest! Und das wäre für "wahre Boss Fans" ein herber Verlust!!!


OMG Olli!  What the hell is wrong with people???  I'm so sorry you are having so much trouble with these freaks. I know so many people who are so very grateful to you and your work. I personally can't wait for my first purchase from you, Mohegan 1. In any event, don't let the bastards get you down!!!!!!!  THANK YOU for all you do!


Keep the fire burning Ollie. You have a strong following and believe it or not you are well respected and admired amongst us Tramps. Can't wait for HD 9 & 10...hopefully you'll get that out first. Stay positive, don't let the jerks ruin it for the rest of us!


Just a big thankyou for the Albany Leeds and Wembley blu-ray dvd's.Sorry to read your having problems with fans i think the work you do is amazing.Just seen the Limerick,Cork Belfast Cardiff blu-ray was at all those shows that sounds so good can't wait for that and Mohegan sun. Keep up the hard work look forward to ordering more soon.

I am so sorry for all the troubles you have had so far thanks to these stupid idiots who are insulting you 24/7 on internet. I have no idea who they are and why they are doing so. They must be jealous guys or they are totally insane. I am not of course the mole who has supplied your records to these bastards and I will never be. I hope you will not stop your great work because even if I am not buying all your production, I am still a faithfull follower of your work. I believe the best is to ignore these cretins and keep on doing what you are good at... releasing great videos of our favorite artist, Bruce. Also let me congratulate you for the excellent work you have done with Richie Sambora at Kôln on 24 june... I would like to order that Blu-ray, how much will you charge for that item? Then I also want to buy HD9 when it will be finished... in a few months of course! So keep the flag upright!


Well I am not a taper or a filmer. But here is my six pence worth. I am sitting here right now watching Leeds. Thundercrack to be exact. Simply stunning and brings me right back. All I can say is what you provide is the best quality unofficial concert footage I have ever seen. Gone are the days of the crappy screen shot footage that I have had to buy I the past. The shakey camera disappearing for 5 mins at the ground. So here is what I say. Do not lose heart. Keep doing what you are doing. These idiots have no place slagging off your work and then somehow getting their hands on it. You need to keep doing what you do A because you enjoy it and b because know that real Bruce fans appreciate the time and effort taken to produce quality. If anything I would say you are a bit like Bruce during Born to Run. U are seeking perfection before letting go of the product. Nearly drove him insane. So fuck the people who will not give you their footage. You can only try. If they want to keep their own private tape well sod them. Your work will still beat anything they have to offer. If the official download sounds slightly off to you but it is the best you can get and cannot be improved well get it out there. Everyone else has not got your expert ear my friend. What I do not want to happen is for you to lose heart and stop. I cannot wait for Irish show double, the 2 Kilkenny shows and the final 2 of the tour. Lose control of your work and we will lose the quality.


lass dich von den Neidern und Missgünstigen nicht runterziehen. Es wäre echt schade, wenn du aus Frust in Zukunft keine Projekte mehr machen würdest. lch jedenfalls würde es sehr vermissen. Zu den laufenden Projekten: Ärgerlich, daß durch die fehlenden Quellen nicht die bestmögliche Qualität erreicht werden kann. Aber diese Leute noch umzustimmen kostet glaube ich einfach nur Zeit und Nerven für dich. Ich würde die Projekte fertigstellen und vielleicht im Vorspann einen kurzen Text, daß aufgrund einiger Blockierer (ohne Namen zu nennen) eine noch bessere Version nicht möglich war.


I'm sure you will make good use of my videos, looking forward to you weaving your magic, I'm sure it will be brilliant as usual


100.000 Dank für die geniale Blu-ray!!! Das ist ja echt der Wahnsinn, was Du daraus gemacht hast!!!




Your releases have been among the bests since I started collecting unofficial material. It was 1988 when I bought my first vinyl bootlegs and soon after that 1989 when very first cd bootlegs like Live At The Bottom Line and You Mean So Much To Me came out. Quality releases have been hard to find and I can call your bd´s "the ultimate in bootlegging" if the word "bootleg" is ok... That was how the All Those Years 10LP bootleg was called before we had many great sounding releases. No matter if you take your time to rest and maybe release not so many bd´s in the future. I just want to say big Thank You again. Your releases have helped to feel like "almost being there" when so many interesting shows are impossible to catch because of work or financial reasons.


You may not need the praise but you DO deserve it. great job! Das ist die beste Sammlung von allen. Wir müssten weinen, lachen, Liebe machen...Der Abschnitt "live videos" ist fantastisch .... und die vinyl rips sind Wahnsinn !!!!


Padova hat wirklich einen tollen Klang, der ganze Aufwand von dem du berichtet hast, hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Und HD 9 ist ja der Oberhammer !!!!!! Sagenhaft, was da alles drauf ist. Da brauche ich jetzt ja ein komplett verregnetes Wochenende um das alles geniessen zu können. Da kannst du wirklich stolz auf dich sein. Und auch wenn dir derzeit (völlig verständlich) etwas die Motivation und die Zeit abhanden gekommen ist. Mach bitte so weiter !!!!! Was mich persönlich betrifft wäre Milano 2013 noch etwas, was große Freude bereiten würde !!! Schönes Wochenende und nochmal vielen Dank für all die tolle Arbeit.


da steht Olli drauf und dann ist es auch von Olli! Olli gibt nur allerbeste Qualität unter seinem Namen raus. Und die Auswahl, Zusammenstellung etc. ist von Dir. Die „Industrie“ bekäme dies niemals hin.


I've just watched your Milan Preview! Looks amazing ! So so happy you are doing this show! Most amazing crowd ever and I was front row , unbelievable ! Thank you for you Blu rays ! So far I have Paris 1& 2 . Wembley and Leeds , all fantastic ! When Milan is ready I will order this and Padova as I was at these 2 shows . Thank you again and hope you are doing well!


just got back to work yesterday after a few days holiday  and the package had aready arrived! What I've seen so far is FANTASTIC,ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! As you mentiom the Boss in HD 9 is out of this world. And more great news that you've just posted. Will be back in touch soon for more orders, thx again for your superb work,


Just a brief note to add my praise for HD9. It may be the best one I have bought from you, in terms of balance of sheer quality and content. I also loved the vinyl rip idea - fantastic. Keep up the great work and thanks once again.


It is a pleasure to help with your work!


Imagine my surprise when my friends that were after the Leeds show end up with a certain filmer all arms round each other at the end of dvd2 of the Leeds gig. Thanks again for all you do for us fans


thanks so much for sending me your new Milano 2007 audio work and it is INCREDIBLE!! I've been listening to the CDs you kindly sent me last night and this morning. You may think your changes to the Anubis are minor but, honestly, they make a HUGE difference. The removing of the clapping, the sound balancing and overall feel gives the recording a much crisper and clearer audio than before. This is like an official release - but better. You even managed to massively improve the channel issues on badlands and girls so that it is now hardly noticeable at all - how did you manage that?!! Thanks again - I can't wait for the DVD!!


It is brilliant! The global springsteen fan community is very lucky to have you as our expert.   Really excited about your Milan 2007 DVD / blu ray. By the way your HD volume 9 is just insane. Should be sold in shops it's that great.


Thanks a lot and congratulations for your work. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!


Habe Leeds und Hannover auf dem Bildschirm genossen, wie ein kühles Bier an einem heißen Sommertag (Sommer ?). Lieferung und Service 1A mit 3 Sternen !


I just want to tell you how amazing that video looks and sounds! I would have thought it was released by Springsteen himself. Truly unbelievable quality and I can't wait until the entire show is released


Fuck the rat and dog. 98% of the folks at Jungleland and BTX would appreciate it. Please reconsider.


Looks f'n great! Can't wait for the full show.


This already made my day!! Forget about The other tapers who don’t share their video sources! This Roll of the dice is a great preview.


Besser als manche offizielle Aufnahme: Wieder mal astreine Arbeit vom Perfektionisten. Freu mich aufs Release


beautiful work. I am looking forward to the finished product. Based on your sample it will be worth the wait. Thanks for your dedication and for all your hard work!


WOW what a high quality piece of work!


Uncasville sounds and looks excellent.


Looks great, Olli! Can't wait for the new releases.


That vid and sound is ridiculous !!!


I have just seen the roll of the dice from Conneticut. Simply amazing. It's good to read that it could be for Christmas. It's a pity to hear that some persons don't help you.


A "discussion" on BTX about your video will inevitably turn into a hatefest, dominated by the usual suspects who do not represent the majority view but have the loudest voices. I don't see that going well. Remember my poll last year? You got an 85% approval rating with about 300 votes before it was removed by Flynn. I think that is all the feedback you should need regarding your work.


I appreciate all the hard work you do in making them as great as they can possibly be.


I can't wait for the Uncasville shows!  You always do such a great job.


Leeds is a masterpiece! Astonishing video of Roll of the Dice from Mohegan. Incredible work. Can't wait for full show.


WOW -- the sample video of Roll of the Dice is simply amazing! Your work is without a doubt, the very best there is –


Will you please stop putting such cool videos of your work! LoL Once again absolutely brilliant, well done as always


just AWESOME ! your work deserve to be known - and you as well by the way !!! can't wait to see u again and your new blu-ray !


I just watched Leeds again and I could not help but email you to say what a bloody great job.  I was there and you have made it such a special Blu Ray for me. don't despair - keep rocking!


The Leeds dvd is superb and brings back many good memories of a superb concert. Thanks again oliver for providing everything and for such good service.


your stuff is amazing. I often would watch your videos that I would see on Backstreets.


Just a quick note to say i have been blown away by the quality of your Wembley recording.  Despite the reviews i was still a bit skeptical about what could be recorded by the audience.  It has far exceeded any expectations i had. Many many thanks for helping me relive one of the best nights of my life


Your work is incredible and I appreciate you making it available to us


judging by the one song 'My Love Will Not ...' the movie is fantastic


Just want to say that this is amazing stuff!!


Great job my friend!!! Great audio and great footages.Emoji


I knew that you have had brakes on for this. This is the one where you want to have it all in, in all ways. But don't spend your life waitin' for a moment that just don't come! Fuck Amos. Fuck the violator. Fuck misskaleid! Thumbs up for full speed ahead now :-)


Ollie, what can I say, I'm lost for words! Does it get any better than this, Milano 2013 will be your definitive work! Can't wait for it to drop on my doormat. Congrats on a great job.


Bin begeistert, wie immer! Ganz großes Lob! Ich habe natürlich noch nicht alles anschauen können … aber allein die HD9, wow!


Wow- that Racing in the Street preview is amazing!  I can't wait for the whole show. Meanwhile I'm really enjoying your Albany video I bought this summer. Thanks very much for doing these -- I know they must take so much time.


Great job. Yes too bad about Blacklab. Unfortunately, he has no interest in sharing with you. I tried. I do not understand the IEM guys. They go to extreme measures to get their gear past security but then don't share with anyone. I'm friends with one of them. He is a big Elvis Costello fan (like me) and has hundreds of hours of Bruce and Elvis IEM's sitting on his hard drive. He recorded both Mohegan shows, including sound checks. A total waste of talent. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your Mohegan Blu-rays.


scheint so als hättest du mit deinen Blurays einen wertvollen Beitrag dazu geleistet, dass nun mehr Konzerte veröffentlicht werden. Vielen Dank dafür! Bruce hat sicher das eine oder andere Video von dir gesehen und sich inspirieren lassen.


I am 100% sure that Bruce has seen your stuff and I love his attitude, it shows that there is a interest out there. And who knows, maybe he thoughts yours were nice and some other stuff was not so good (like audio from iPhone etc)... I mean, you stuff is bloody awesome but if you look at like 99% of the other stuff out there it is moslty crap, hehe :)


In England we have a saying, which you might know. ' If you can't beat them, join them' :-) I don't think your Leeds Blue ray could be improved on by an official release.


WOW I could not believe the quality; I knew your productions were great from looking at so many clips on YOUTUBE; but watching the source in your own home. It was as close to being at the show as being there, it was certainly one of my favourite shows I’ve seen. It was just fabulous quality from start to finish; the images were just so sharp and the sound quality was amazing too. I thought the Crystal Cat audio I have was good but your mix was even better. I think however,  you need to consider changing your production name to: ……..labour of love productions! It must have taken you months to produce this, in mixing and merging footage, then synching the sound and mixing that too? I did manage to get to 10th Avenue before they arrived home, they even commented on what I was watching – which is even more surprising.  I even ate my evening meal in front of the TV – I can’t remember the last time I did that; I could take my eyes off the screen, I’ can’t wait to watch it again.


In a word … fantastic. Aside from being a great show, you do fantastic work with your editing and synchronization. I am looking forward to Mohegan night 2!!! I know source material may vary, but I trust that you will muster every drop of quality that you can out of what you have to work with. I think you said you were in the rear of Mohegan Sun but your camera zoomed in beautifully.


Und bei der Gelegenheit nochmal ein dickes Lob für deine tolle Arbeit mit den Blu Rays !!!!


I was at all those shows and it took me right back to the summer of 2013. It was great.


I watched the whole of Leeds the other day, using the new sound base for my TV. Although it isn't a full sound system, it does add extra depth and clarity to the sound. It was magnificent at almost max volume! My wife thought it was a official release! I struggle to think how much better an official release could be? So if Milan is half as good, then I'll be happy


I call in ESTREET RADIO ON XM often I have done shows there with Dave Marsh . Can I mention that fans are putting out better quality material than the family does . I like to bust their balls when I can .


WOW !!! Das Milano-Konzert scheint wirklich grandios geworden zu sein. So mitten drin im Publikum - das ist super! Sänger, Instrumente etc in Großaufnahme: Das kriegen die offiziellen Kameras natürlich (noch) besser hin. Aber dieses Gefühl, mitten drin zu sein - das schaffst Du und Deine Mitstreiter besser als irgendwelche Kameras auf abgesperrten Podesten. Insofern ist es ein einzigartiges Dokument der WB-Tour. Mittendrin statt nur dabei, wie ein Fernsehsender einmal warb…Und das ganze in scheinbar sehr sehr guter Video und Audio Qualität. Sollte es irgendwann eine offizielle Tour-DVD geben, ist das keine direkte Konkurrenz, weil der Ansatz unterschiedlich ist. Die beiden Werke würden sich ergänzen. „Dein" Milano-Konzert wird der Bruce-Clan registrieren - da bin ich mir sicher. Würde mich - und das ist kein Witz - nicht wundern, wenn Bruce sich das zu Weihnachten wünscht…Ich freue mich auf das gesamte Werk und bedanke mich schon mal.


Ich wollte mich ganz doll bei Dir bedanken - Deine Aufnahmen sind (wie immer) absolute Spitze. Die BluRay wird mit diesen Aufnahmen bestimmt um Welten verbessert, so dass ich mir vielleicht doch überlege sie (da Du ja nichts dagegen hast) doch irgendwann hochzuladen. Wäre eigentlich unfair, diese deutlich verbesserte Version nur für mich zu behalten. Mal sehen...Nochmals tausend Dank - das bedeutet mir wirklich viel !!!


Wow ! Amazing video as usual !


I really do share your frustration, like the man said “nobody wins, unless everybody wins”.  I really don’t understand people sitting on material, hopefully with Bruce opening the vaults it may make people think twice about holding on to stuff.  There was a rumour a few months ago that Crystal Cat were planning another Bruce release... perhaps this was the Stockholm shows?  Your multicam mix of Drive all Night with Glen Hansard from Kilkenny is one of my favourite standout performances and is a great watch! Hopefully you have a change of mind and make Uncasville 2 available to people who support and appreciate your work.  I noticed I’m only missing the Frankfurt (C.Cat) Blu-ray from your top ten list. What do I think?  I think you should be rewarded for the time and effort you put in to your work, and to be honest I wouldn’t be as generous with all the uploads to Jungleland.  So I applaud you for being so generous towards other fans. Went to see Willie Nile last month, absolutely fantastic!  I’ve now managed to track down all his CD’s...including the book and acoustic CD he released in Italy.  This all started with watching Love is a Train on one of your Blu-ray releases.  So I thank you for introducing me to Willie’s music, how he isn’t a household name I just don’t know. Thank you for your Christmas best wishes, I hope you and yours have a great Xmas and New Year!! Thank you for making your fantastic work available for fans to enjoy!


I have just downloaded Leeds from Jungleland and it is the best Bruce DVD  I have ever seen. Its not the sound or the video quality (which are great) - its the editing of the video - it is just simply superb. I am a very very long time Bruce fan and I have never seen anything like this before. The thought that has gone into putting this together surpasses anything Bruce inc has ever released. You should be on their payroll. If Leeds was ever designed as a possible future DVD release you have delivered something more than they could have ever hoped for. I am speechless.


The River video is simply put « stunning » ! I just can’t believe it happened and I wasn’t there to watch the Boss play San Siro.


Vielen Dank ( wie jedes Jahr ) für Deine tollen Konzerte denen du uns Springsteen Fans so viel Freude bereitest! ich habe neulich mit einem Freund daran zurückgedacht wie uns in den späten 80 igern beim Video schauen von  Landover 78 völlig begeistert waren ( 4 Gen./ Kopie)....wir konnten kaum was erkennen, so schlecht war die Bildqualität!!!! Aber---wir waren in Besitz eines legendären Konzertes aus der besten Zeit --und wenn wir damals eines von deinen Teilen gesehen hätten...was hätten wir dafür gemacht?! Großmutter verkauft? Freundin auf den Strich geschickt...( Scherz )...Man kann es nicht genug Wert schätzen...die Mühe deiner Arbeit!!!!


Saw a few of your Springsteen videos on DVD and was wondering how I can purchase. They are spectacular !


Your work is fantastic and you seem to be dedicated to producing quality. It will be a real shame if you decide to stop releasing shows but I can imagine the frustration you must feel if others do not collaborate.


Paid today via the invoice you sent me. Thanks for your effort in these videos, I always enjoy them. The river looked amazing on You Tube, really looking forward to this one and I was there. Setlistwise not my top show, but what the heck the atmosphere was unbeatable and Bruce was very emotional. Thunder road was one for my history books, as far as the shows I have seen over the years. This was over all a top 3 show for me.


Aber mal abgesehen von dem geschäftlichen Teil muss ich dir nochmal sagen, dass die Arbeit, die du da machst, einfach unglaublich ist! Ich kenne ja nun doch schon Einiges von dir und auch die Milano-Trailer sind so irrsinnig gut, dass es mir beim Ansehen die Tränen in die Augen getrieben hat, kein Witz. Wir hatten dort so einen unglaublich schönen Abend, und auf einmal war das alles wieder da. Deshalb wärs einfach traumhaft, wenn ich das ganze Werk schon bald ansehen dürfte...außerdem kommen unsere Freunde, mit denen wir dort waren


Habe den DVD von Milan bekommen und gesehen..Tja.. Was kann man dazu sagen.. Da gibs keine wötte .. Sowas superschönes, fantastisch, unglaubliges.. Es ist nicht nur die musik aber die speziale atmosphere die da bei diesen konzert immer ist. Bruce gibt immer etwas mehr wenn er dort spielt.. Und du hast das supergut aufgeseignet mit diesen blue ray. Denke ich sage, in namen von allen fans von Bruce, ...VIELEN DANK.. , das du, und die dir dabei helfen, uns das gibst und wir das geniessen können..


heute kam endlich die blu-ray und ich habe mir gerade die ersten 10 Minuten und dann aus Zeitgründen immer mal weitergeschaltet, angesehen. Mein erster Eindruck, vielleicht die beste Show, das beste Video eines Stadion-Konzertes. Besser als London?? Brauche noch Weihnachten und der Eindruck ändert sich oft, wenn ich die Show komplett sehe. Erstmal ganz herzlichen Dank für Deine tolle Arbeit, schreibe Dir nochmals dazu. Lass es Dir gut gehen und danke für Deine hervorragende Arbeit dieses Jahr


Just writing to you to give my congratulations to your Milano production. Just right amount of audienceparticipation,which makes the video REALLY come alive,with a very good feel and precence. Very well done!


The Milan Bluray arrived 22 december at my 40th birthday. I could not hav got a better gift. A great video, thanks for your effort.


I have received yesterday Milano 2013 on blu-ray... what a treat, I stayed more than 2 hours watching my TV and I could not believe it, the audio and video qualities are really great. Congratulations, this is a great gem.


I was writing a bit of wishes's email to various friends, and I could not fail to write to you too, Olli, the great Olli, the hard and firm Olli, but in my opinion with a heart as big as the world! A true fan and lover of Bruce and of his music! thank you so much for everything you've done this year and shared with all of us, especially for your last upload, the show in Milan in 2013. THANK YOU!!!


Milano Milano Milano !!! Die Blue Ray ist am Montag angekommen, habe die ganze Show auf meinem 48 Zoll Bildschirm mit entsprechender Audioanlage auch schon angesehen. Wow, Was Für Ein Genuss für die Augen und Ohren !!! Spektakuläre Arbeit von Dir und deinem Soundmixer.  Der Ton ist wirklich perfekt gelungen, selbst beim immer etwas übersteuerten Born in the USA. Das umfangreiche Filmmaterial wie immer perfekt zusammengeschnitten, sehr gut haben mir auch die Sequenzen am Anfang und am Ende der Show gefallen. Hier kriegt man einen sehr guten Eindruck vom Publikum und dem Feeling vom Concert mit, schade das ich da nicht dabei gewesen bin. Wirklich eine der besten Outdoor Liveshows der Tour 2013. Wenn Naples nur halb so gut wird ..... Oli mach weiter so, ich hoffe Bruce selbst kriegt einmal eine Blue Ray von dir zu Gesicht und kann sich selbst von deiner Arbeit überzeugen.


I found time yesterday to watch this from start to finish. I agree with the Wizardus review, given the size of the venue, the weather conditions etc... this release is fantastic!! Absolutely brilliant editing that captures a special gig. I've also watched the Uncasville 1 blu-ray...again another wonderful release. If only the other tapers had supplied you with their footage so we didn't have the annoying logos.


As this true Bruce's fan said, Grazie Mille Olli, you are the best music video taper and producer! I already watched Milano 2013 three times and I still want to watch it again and again...


der Weihnachtsmann war daaaa. …und meine Mom war total begeistert von dir, wie nett du zu ihr warst etc. ;-) Danke dafür und ich erwarte, dass die BluRays meine Lieblingsgeschenke bleiben, nachdem ich die Gelegenheit gehabt haben werde, sie mir anzusehen… überhaupt…passiert gerade so viel um mich herum, dass ich noch gar nichts wirklich von irgendeinem deiner Werke gesehen habe, die sich mittlerweile in meinem Besitz befinden. Blindes Vertrauen sozusagen ;-) Almost. Ein paar Schnipsel kenne ich ja schon von einer Mohegan Sun und die YouTube-Ausschnitte. Nach diesem Review allerdings SABBERE ich…. Can’t wait to find the time. Gratuliere, danke und wünsche dir einen feinen Jahresausklang.


I got Milano on monday. What a video!!! This really is Bruce and the E Street Band at their best. Most of your releases are top quality (I haven´t seen any bad ones:-)) and very best of them have this so called "being there" - magic. This one really has that magic. I haven´t seen the whole show yet (holiday season things) but from the beginning to Loose Ends I have seen and atmosphere really comes to my living room. Audio is maybe the best part of that feeling. It has very real echo on Bruces vocals. Not too much, really "stadiumlike". I listen through good enough stereo set ( Sony bd + dac + Musical Fidelity  amplifier+ Gradient speakers). I have old but great Pioneer Kuro 50" (calibrated) plasma TV and lights out and volume to 11 really makes this release second best experience in rock´n´roll. Best is of course to be there in the audience. Thanks again 10000000 times and Happy 2015!!!


Ja, der positiven Kritik kann ich mich nur anschliessen. Bin auch sehr begeistert von der Blu-Ray. Ein großartiges Werk. ich habe auch Sachen gesehen und mitbekommen, die mir während des Konzerts gar nicht aufgefallen waren (z.B. dass "Shout" improvisiert war und eine Idee von Steve war, der anscheinend ein Request-Sign entdeckt hat) Alle wichtigen Momente der Show sind perfekt eingefangen. Auch der Klang ist ziemlich gut, vor allem wenn ich bedenke wie gräßlich der besonders zu Beginn der Show im Stadion war. Super Arbeit !!! Bleibt eigentlich nur die Frage ungeklärt, warum es auf den Request mit "Good Golly Miss Molly" statt dessen "Long Tall Sally" gabe *g*


I loved Leeds it was a  really polished production a masterpiece indeed and a varied and interesting show with great indoor images-


Just received and watched the disc. One word: awesome! Great job! Thanks a lot!


OLIVER!!!!  I LOVE THE DVD!! It is fantastic.  Thank you SO much!  It just makes me think I'm back in Cardiff at the concert.  So much fun! You are the best.  Thanks again!


Received the BluRay....Awesome as expected of your work ! Thanks for what you do for Bruce Fans !


Vielen Dank erstmal noch für die total geniale Milano-blu-ray!!! Die ist wirklich super geworden


Amazing footage, sound and show!!!!!!


I'm watching the blu-ray again and again. The picture and the sound is so clear. I'm so happy watching it by reminding me that I was in the concert. I also recognize myself in the video of the blu-ray. I was watching and shouting in the concert. I was so happy that Bruce played many songs of my favorite in the concert. Especially ,Two Hearts ,Quarter to Three,The price you pay, I was so happy. The blu-ray you made is my treasure. Thank You very much.


Yes, it has been a bad week , that is until Friday when I received a package in the post from Germany. I was so pleased and wanted to play it straight away but decided to wait until Anja got home. And so it was about  6 o'clock on Friday evening  when I slotted the bluray into the player and we both sat back and relaxed and after a few minutes we both turned to each other and smiled. Yes,  it has been a shit week but you made us both smile again - a big thank you from us.


Just to tell you that I've Ben watching the encores of the Leeds show... This is really a supeb video , I forgot how great it was, probably the best BR around including the pro ones. Congratulations again !!! Ps the "where is Olli" bd insert in ditd is fun :-))))


I watched Milano today. Your video is so beautiful and hot. While I was watchig your video,I was the audience in the studium. I was glad I could watch playing the album of Born in the U.S.A. I reminded myself No retreat,No surrender. I felt warm as I watched your Bruce video.


Waiting for this one for a long long time, you could imagine the anticipations were sky high when I inserted the disc into my Blu-Ray player. The first thing to be noted is the printed disc label whcih actually has been done pretty good. So with all the excitement steaming out of every part of my body (I wanted to add a picture to visualise what I just wrote, but skipped it at the last moment...some things remain private you know), I first thought I was sent the wrong disc, because here we have the man himself (DDG) acting in this nicely done intro. There's another private movie on the disc in which the man himself impersonates Mohammed Ali. What to say about it; these are "interesting" clips, but could we do without seeing the man in underwear: probably YES. Anyway let's start talking about the Leeds concert. After the short intro you'll be transferred into a nicely authored menu. The menu's have been improved since the first releases. The footage has been dubbed with the Crystal Cat Leeds Wrecking Ball Night release and probably DDG did some adjustments to it, but it sounds really awesome and truly deserved the long waiting time. The camera work on this release stands out. Very steady throughout the whole show. Many angles have been used, which all have awesome quality, which makes it a viewing experience like any other official release. In fact the transitions between pro-shot and audio shot footage is very smooth. On for example 'Local Hero' you wouldn't noticed the difference if you weren't aware of the official released clip on What I really appreciate in this mix is the use of angles where you can only see the audience. To me this really adds up to the 'feeling of being there' atmosphere. What I found to be of great value to this release is the eye for detail. Switching angles, when it feels they need to be changed. 'This Depression' in beautiful Black & White footage. The authored menu's, bonus footages, track splits, printed disc label. It truly is a labour of love.


I have just finished watching the Leeds Blu Ray and it's fantastic . Thank you for your amazing work


Brilliant Olli! If this video doesn't make you happy, nothing ever will! Thank you!


I received the DVD on Friday. I just wanted to say how fantastic it is!! I watched it on Friday eve and it was just like re-living the gig all over again. Amazing video footage and sound so professionally put together. Thank u for such a quality product!!


Wunderbar ! Nachdem ich den Trailer gesehen habe, glaube ich, dass die hervorragenden Videos aus Leeds und Mailand noch einmal getoppt werden!


die Blu-Rays hat gehalten, was sie versprochen hat! Unglaubliche Aufnahmen! Ich hoffe du produzierst noch mehr davon..


die Preview ist tatsächlich phänomenal!


Kaum hab ich was bestellt, schon kommt die nächste Sensation.


der Trailer war ja der totale WAHNSINN! Echt genial!!!


Milano and Leeds were so good that you can cry, thank you for that


Just a belated thanks for the leeds blu Ray, I have watched it a few times now and it has brought me and my wife many hours of enjoyment re watching the gig. I can only imagine how many hours it took to put together so thanks again. My non bruce friends are amazed that this is a an unofficial video!


I received the blu-rays today, that's very fast! They are brilliant!


God bless for all you've done for us


Just received the brd of Milan concert. Thank you so much! It is awesome!


Konnte bereits 3 Stunden geniessen. Einfach super klasse! Tolle Arbeit von Dir. Besser alls offizielle Sachen. Tollte - Super vielen Dank!!!!


This sounds like a fantastic set list which ever way you decide to do it, how much will this be when you have done all of your magic?. Fantastic work guy..


Hi Olli, received my Leeds BD last week and all I can say is Wow!!!! Can't wait for Mohegan Night 2.


Got the disc yesterday. Fantastic......with a running time of over 720 minutes great value too!!! I can only imagine how much time it took you to produce it. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


I just need to tell you how much I enjoy this compilation, Olli! I've probably been watching or listening to far too many Bruce concerts the last few years, and, believe it or not, I end up having a small overdose of Dancing in the Darks, Waiting on a Sunny Days, 10th Avenue Freeze Outs and Spirit in the Nights.  And a few more, that appear in every show. So I think it's just wonderful to get this fantastic variety of performances, the highlights of every Australian show. Without getting the  encores again and again and again...I was a very dedicated set list watcher in the spring of 2014, so I can very well remember the excitement when all these gems appeared in the shows. And, of course, the soundboard quality of the recordings makes it even more enjoyable.Thank you a million for all the time and effort you put into making these concerts available to us!


I bought you my first bluray, Albany 2014 and I bought a bluray player too. The expierence has been really great. Now I think it's time to book you some blurays again. Congratulations for your great job. I pay attention for your mails and you youtube previews, really great.


Oh, forgot to say the Australian BR is AWESOME. Even without your cameras, the fact to see all those amazing performances is fantastic. Great sound, pretty good cameras and AMAZING set lists. A Glorious compilation and a tremendous work!


THANK YOU for all the work YOU do and all the time YOU spend to let us fans able to enjoy all the awesome shows in videos! YOU ARE THE BEST! :-)


Well my Australian Bluray arrived about an hour ago (yeah, it does take a while to reach us way down here) so I'm about 58 mins into it so far.  Just wanted to compliment you on it so far - it is just superb.  I'm amazed at the video footage you've been able to get or find and the beautiful work you've done on syncing it to the audio - some of the video looks as if it comes from the official cameras at the concerts, it's so clear.  Other footage from within the crowd, while maybe a step down in quality, gives you something other concert DVDs don't - you feel like you're really there, back in the crowd again with hands and posters and cameras being stuck up in front of you.  We went to every single concert on your disk (plus the second Melbourne one that the audio has never been released for), almost always in the mosh pit so we are gonna be spending hours trying to spot ourselves in the crowd while enjoying watching and remembering how great this tour was. Thanks again, and once we've been through this disk, I'm sure we'll be back for more.


Thank you so much for doing this. You have no idea how much it means to us.


Leeds, Milan, Paris and Wembley will be forever treasured documents of the WB tour which has so far been so shamefully overlooked by Bruce inc with an official Blu Ray release.


Thank you for sharing your hard work with the world. My brother in law is a sound and video engineer and I've seen him editing footage and syncing sound with video. I know to do it correctly it is very time consuming and sometimes tedious work.


hi, I have just been watching your YouTube BluRay preview of the Springsteen show at Uncasville on 18/05/14, and I must say this really looks like a high quality endeavour. Even though I quite enjoy watching concert videos on YouTube I don’t normally go for any non-official releases – but with this I might make an exception.


OMG Oliver thank you so much I recieved blueray and its awesome


The discs arrived one week ago. They are really great. Only with the Australian compilation I'm having hours of hapiness :-) Thanks a lot for your work!!


everything you do is awesome...


fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):) thank you so much. You are very talented!!!


Just wanted to say thanks for the Blu rays got them yesterday they are fantastic.


I have just watched your preview of the Bruce Springsteen concert at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, UK, and it is amazing.


Frankly, I think the quality of your preview is amazing.


Deine BRs sind das wovon ich immer geträumt hatte, seit der ersten Show '88. Danke.


It is very nice, fantastic, outstanding and extremely accurate in every detail.


 Habe gestern direkt und komplett Stockholm 3 angeschaut und muß sagen, die Qualität ist der Show angemessen. Unglaublich. Mehr Emotion und Leidenschaft geht nicht. Und wie bei dem ollen Hitchcock hat sich der Regisseur am Ende selbst ins Bild gebracht. Lustig. Eine Boss-Show ist wie 3 Konzerte anderer Künstler am Stück. Man hat jedesmal das Gefühl, dieser Auftritt ist DIE Show seines Lebens und beim nächsten Konzert geht es genauso weiter. Absoluter Wahnsinn. Wo nimmt er nur diese Kraft her?


Milano. Exceptional.


Ist wieder eine superklasse BlueRay mit großem Spaßfaktor! So etwas hätte ich auch gerne von der 1988er Tour... (die DVD Tunnel of Love Express mal abgesehen - ist ja kein vollständiges Konzert).


All I can say is thank you! I took off work, went and bought a blue ray and watched the entire concent. All I can say is - it is everything I wanted.


Stockholms are brilliant and the audio is superb. Milano is really fantastic what a great presentation of that tour. Can't understand why some people didn't want it, if i had only been able to buy one of the dvds it would have been the Milano despite the magbificence of the Stockholm shows,


The 2nd lot of blurays arrived thank you. Watched and listened many times to the first 2 that came - great stuff. Very funny intro too


Thank you for this gentle reminder of two fantastic shows back in july 2012 at Bercy. I was there for the first show and should have come to the second one if I had known Bruce would give such a great performance. But thanks to you I can watch both shows on my TV with your two great blu rays. I can enjoy all the great blu rays you have sent me over the last 12 months, there is no waste, any DVD that I take is a gem... thanks to you. You are a master now!!


had time to digest the three Stockholm nights. Terrific stuff! Apart from your brilliant video editing (some of your best i think)the sound is awesome! I threw away the crystal cats I had downloaded.


I just wanted to say that the Blue-Rays arrived to me today and must say BIG THANKS for a fantastic production, both video, sound and editing, so great, I’m close to speechless.


You always do a very good job with you DVD/Blue-Rays and I’m very happy to finally have shows in good quality from Sweden! So again, big thanks to you!


Just received the blu-rays you send me! Absolutely great stuff, just took some quick looks!


Just a quick note to say thank you for your stunning Milano 2007 Blu Ray. Excellent video and picture quality, nice to have a show from the Magic tour. You are very passionate about your releases, must take a lot of effort. Your work is very much appreciated! Cheers Olli! Keep up the great work!!!!!


Zuerst will ich dir danken für die super blue rays von Stockholm und Milan. Super bild und sound.. Und man sieht auch in Stockholm, wie immer, ein konzert von Bruce ist nie dasselbe. Milan ist immer super vonwegen das publikum da. Und ja.. Clarence war ja noch dabei. Das macht dieses video sicher spezial..Nochmahls mein dank und macht, so wie Bruce soll, noch vielen jahren weiter mit konzerten zu filmen. 😀😀


Your videos are great (Uncasville is unbelievable), I am a big fun of yours!!!


Thank you so much for the Stockholm and Milan concerts. Fantastic work! Thanks again for all your efforts.


I haven´t had the chance to thank you yet for the awesome work of the Bruce 2013 Leipzig show. It was really good


the best show & best dvd, amatuer or professional


Watching Bruce right now! It's a abulous film -  brilliant job!


I hope you will release those concerts. Uncasville may be the last concert with The E Street Band, with that many seldom played songs it’s a must have for fans and you are the man that brings best possible quality to us.


Olli, great work as always! I think I even saw a couple of my clips!


This mix is amazing!! Captures the moment perfectly!!! Really remarkable work on your part. Thank you!!!


If you decide to release it, I would love a record of an incredible show I was privileged to attend. If not, I'll happily enjoy reliving night 1 (I was in the pit both nights), and you can consider the extra payment a tip for your ultimately invaluable service.


Just saw what you sent..........

WOOOOOW!!!!! Looks brilliant Olli, they should have hired you for Springsteen & I haha. Intro is spectacular, nothing less!!! And you were Right, this "Can you feel the spirit" clip is Way Way Better!!!


Fantastic film you have made , i liked it very much . are you going to U2 shows filming?


Loved it!!! Made me laugh, tear up and sing along all by myself!! People who are super fans who are criticized because some people think it's a cult. Haha. But, in fact, Bruce's music is about faith, love, hurt, starting over, etc. in fact, it pretty much is real life, so for us devout super fans, it's the journey of life we share together!!!!!


What a heart warming video.


This was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW 󾌯 i am Jon!!!! Oliver, das ist so großartig. Klasse gemacht und ich habe schon wieder Pipi in den Augen


OMG OMG OMG! This was absolutely wonderful. I was crying and smiling at the same time


This was an amazing video. Simply amazing. Thank you so much! so much! From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my being. Thank you Oliver. Wow.


Wonderful film Olli... thanks for sharing.


Das ist einfach ein grossartiges Werk! So schön und handwerklich toll gemacht, ich kann nicht mehr sagen, es ist einfach perfekt!


Fantastic job Oliver & Jon sums up what all of us Bruce fans are feeling as well and why we queue for hours to get in the pit but it's always worth it ! Nice touch showing the blood brothers clip when he got everyone to hold hands as he realised his mistake in binning the E Street Band ( Apart from The Professor ) in the early 90's .


Ive gotten so much positive feedback on your behalf allready - its amazing. It seems like You really hit a nerve with this project Olli


Your stuff is great and it is obvious how much you care.  I hope I have thanked you in past but if I did not my apologies.


At first , i wanted to email you before , that i love your film Springsteen and Jon.  and i wantend to ask you if you stil want to make your own film about bruce.


Your contribution to the music community as a whole not just the Bruce one is certainly top class


I just wanted to send a message to apologise for any lack of feedback and to say that I am very thankful for the work you do. If it were not for you then i would not own something that is very special to me, the Springsteen Wembley 2013 bluray. This was my first Bruce show. A day i will never forget, and you captured it in all its glory. Since then I have bought many more of your blurays and each has been as fantastic as the last. I remember first hearing about you on Greasy Lake and despite a few naysayers I downloaded the wembley dvd off of jungleland and knew then that i must have the bluray! The effort that you put into each bluray is amazing. When i ordered my first Bluray all i expected was the show to start playing straight away, not menus, disc artwork and even special features! These are nice touches that make each bluray even more special.


Everything that you've sold me is of an outstanding quality and will help me to relive some of my fondest memories for the rest of my life. I truly hope you decide to release this and continue your work on these. Thanks for what you do!


I love every one of the blue rays I have, I and I have spent a lot a lot of time with your blue rays, my beer, and my little glass with Jack D., and of course our mutual friend, Bruce, I do appreciate your work, and I hope you continue your good work.


I have purchased 2 different dvd's from you and have enjoyed both of them immensely.  I tell everyone about your excellent work and even forward your email to a few friends. All I can tell you is how much I appreciate all the work you do........Long Live The Boss......


I enjoy our relationship, as it is, and most of all I appreciate the passion you manage to get from your videos.


You, in my opinion, produce the greatest Bruce videos out there. I have said this continually to any of my Bruce buds. It would be a great loss to the community if you didn't produce any more excellent captures. However, I strongly believe that the work that you produce is solely yours. If you wish to never release any more videos, then I truly support your decision. I do wish to say thank you for all the hours of entertainment that you have provided me with and may you do what you feel is best.


I can tell you that I think your work is absolutely incredible. I am pretty sure I have said that to you in the past. I am also a movie fan and understand the importance of editing, etc. My wife’s father has an editing company and I have shared with him the work you do and he also agrees, absolutely amazing quality work. You have brought a lot of hai to my home through such incredible pieces of work. Every single blu-ray I have bought I enjoyed tremendously. And although I have downloaded a few shows in DVD from Jungleland, I then bought them from you in Blu-Ray. First and foremost because I understand the work involved in what you do and I am fortunate to be able to pay for it so I am happy to do so and support more shows from you. I can’t understand the whole thing about crazy people that do not share their recordings, I believe we are all better off if we share and you can put out incredible productions like you do. If you recall I have shared the little I could and have asked you for details on a good camera so next time I go to a show I can recall better quality clips to share with you. So, I am incredible thankful for your work and frankly amazed at the quality of it. I am more than happy to buy every piece you put out and I am planning to buy many of your previous pieces. I am actually thankful that when I first reached out to you, you told me to focus on the new stuff and not some of the old recordings which were just not enjoyable to watch. A cold hearted business man would have just sold me erything they could, which you did not. Thank you for all your work and I hope you continue releasing such incredible quality work!


It is a classic last show and needs to be released in full beauty.  Your work is tireless.  Even if you don't release it, thank you.


you do great work, you are a great fan, and a great resource for the spreading of fantastic music that we probably would never see if it wasn't for you.


Its not me who watches the dvds/blu rays I have ordered from you in the past, they have always been gifts from me to my father – he is 63 years old and a “massive” springsteen fan…………..All I can say is, I know how much he enjoys watching and listening to the blu rays/dvds you produce, and without you doing what you do he would only be in a position to purchase the same shows/tours as all other fans in high street stores. I hope you don’t stop doing what you are doing, its taken me a long time to satisfy my father with gifts at xmas, birthdays etc…. and it would be a shame for you to stop doing something you quite obviously love. Keep going and with thanks


Dann möchte ich Dir doch zumindest mal schildern, dass ich eine tolle Bruuuuuuuce-Woche mit Hilfe Deiner phantastischen Aufnahmen hatte. Bei uns zu Hause bekomme ich das beim "Familienrat" nicht oft durch, dass morgens schon Bruce durchs Haus schallt. Aber in einer Urlaubswoche im August war ich 5 Tage allein zu Haus, und so kam es, dass ich jeden Morgen einen perfekten Start in den Tag hatte, mal mit Leeds, mal mit Paris, mal mit Rom und auch mit M`gladbach. Für mich perfekt.


Es ist immer etwas besonders wenn man die Konzerte auf denen ich zum größten Teil auch selber war immer wieder zu Hause genießen kann. In der wunderbaren Qualität und Atmosphäre der Aufnahmen erkennt man das Herz und die Seele eines Springsteen Fans wieder, den es nicht um kommerziellen Erfolg geht, sondern darum die unvergesslichen Momente mit Bruce für uns Fans festzuhalten…..Vielen Dank dafür!!!


Ich für meinen Teil kann nur hoffen, dass du weitermachst, damit wir diese wirklichen Perlen weiterhin geniessen dürfen.


Another Masterpiece Oliver! You are a wizard!


Please know that you are appreciated and I cannot imagine not having your beautiful videos as an historical record of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known


Your videos are true cinematic masterpieces. They tell a story that can only be told by a true fan. The sterile Thrill Hill productions pale in comparison. Even on my worst days, I can come home, pop one of your concerts in and be transported to one of the many "best days of my life". Know one captures the feeling of a Springsteen concert experience like you do. I can honestly say that  my life would  not be the same were it not for you. I hope you find solace in knowing that at any minute of any day that there are hundreds of people out there also experiencing the "best day of their life" thanks to you and your passion. You have managed to let them relive,  through heroic efforts on your part,  something that thought would eventually fade as all memories eventually do.


I think your work is. exceptional , to be honest i only buy your blue rays  and dvd. releases , i dont collect anything else these days  , and ive been collecting since i saw bruce in 75 , blue rays are the  obvious way to go   if you want quality , your Australian compilation is my top blue ray and have watched it many times, i always go to JL to see if youve put anything up to download  and only download your stuff , very occasionally i download an audio  but with bruce now putting all his stuff out within a couple of days  it would seem logical to get the best show. available , perhaps one day he will put out live dvds  of his shows. then you could  relax and watch the show  , and enjoy your freetime , as a man in his early 60s  i can tell you from experiance that spending time  socialising getting drunk  and holidaying  is a must. put out the blue ray of  the last show  and start living your life , its time to move on  , thanks for the ride  ive enjoyed your shows  so much ,and feel honoured that youve made. lots of people happy


Für mich ist es absolut phantastisch, Konzerte in einer solchen Qualität zu bekommen, welches keine offiziellen Veröffentlichungen sind  - ich kann mir da wohl nur zu einem geringen Teil ausmalen, was da an Arbeit, Zeit und Ärgerlichkeiten drin steckt. Das muss natürlich auch entlohnt werden - finde ich. Also, wenn ich daran teilhaben will, entlohne ich auch.


ich bewundere Deine Energie und Deine Leidenschaft mit der Du die Livekonzerte für uns Fans aufzeichnest, schneidest, archivierst: Super!


You are kind of a hero in our family, giving us the opportunity to relive some of the shows we´ve been to and to experience shows that we would never be able to visit due to money and logistics. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the joy your blu-rays have given us so far and please continue with your great work.


I am pretty new to this with bootlegs, but since I got your Stockholm and Milan blurays I understand the amount of work you have invested in this. I have lots of blurays, both Springsteen and orders,  but no one as good as yours. I play concerts every weekend on my home video theatre (Samsung 8-series and Bose speaker system), so I have seen a lot of concerts.


I very proud of your work. I don't understand this way of life to get all free for every i think that those who put your work on line for free are wrong.....all have a price (all? No LIFE is over all we can have....)..your work, the time you spend on these videos. So, even if i have a little chance to meet you one day....please go on with these beautiful videos.....


I have received a bunch of your Blu-rays and they are really of outstanding quality! :-) Simply the best! When I sometime show one or two to friends who are not into boots tec they think they are official. I really appreciated your Friends Arenda triple set as I was there at all three with my daughter. She is the one who dances with Bruce the last show (May 11). That was on her 19th birthday! :-) So, this is my way to say, please keep on bringing us your top notch quality stuff! I will at least continue to buy them and support you in the way I can. Keep up the great work and keep the flame burning!


Ich danke dir für alle bisherigen Veröffentlichungen (den Hannover-Gig kann ich so immer wieder „erleben“ – unbezahlbar! Auch die anderen BDs schaue ich immer wieder mal).


du hast unglaubliches wahr gemacht mit den Konzerten..wenn ich vor 20 jahren z.b.  "Leeds"

angeboten bekommen hätte ich hätte meine großmutter verkauft!!!!


please count us among the believers and admirers of your great work and let us buy them. Let me know when these 3 releases are ready and we'll want them.


I loved the film you made for Jon


Die "Geiz ist geil" Mentalität ist im Internet traurigerweise immer noch die Regel. Die stundenlange Arbeit, die in deinen Blu-rays steckt, interessiert (wie man an dem Feedback z. B. auf Jungleland sieht) heutzutage leider so gut wie keinen mehr. Hauptsache umsonst - einen angemessenen Preis zu bezahlen ist nicht in. Ist vielleicht auch ein Grund, warum NYCBC ihre DVDs so lustlos bearbeitet. Hauptsache schnell auf den Markt damit und den Gewinn maximieren. Ich jedenfalls fand deine bisherigen Discs immer top und würde sehr gerne weiterhin das Geld dafür ausgeben. Dabei ist es mir offen gesagt auch egal, ob sich Blacklab nun an Mohegan 2 beteiligt oder nicht. Wer nicht will, der hat schon. Kostet sonst nur Nerven. Das Ergebnis ist mit Sicherheit auch ohne deren Material spitze.


I can imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into creating these releases.  The first Uncasville show document was fabulous.  We are already “in line” to purchase and support the second night show in whatever format you choose.


I thank you for your investment of time, money and love. Btw, on another note, I loved that movie you just released. That was awesome!


maybe people DO take you for granted as the person who produces the BEST DVDs etc..... I don't know how you get the time, but I wish I had your skills !!  As someone who uploads audios to DIme occasionally (if and when I get the time), I know that 95% of people who download never comment, and yes that is annoying !!.....I suppose I am guilty of it myself sometimes !! I have bought 3 stunning Blu Rays from you - and they will all be perfect mementos of great shows I attended.... thanks for the great work you have done !!!


Your releases are amazing and I know what goes into making them from filming,scouring the Internet for footage and getting the audio right to making the edits just exactly perfect. And the fact that all this is done in such an excellent fashion with an artist who is not taper friendly is amazing.


I appreciate your blu ray releases they're awesome


Ich sehe also deinen Punkt. Von den BRs, die ich von dir bestellt habe, hab ich bislang nur die Milano 2007 geguckt, die war fantastisch, so wohl vom Ausgangsmaterial (in Anbetracht des Alters) als auch vom Schnitt und der gesamten Aufmachung her. Die Kilkenny-Shows sind noch im Regal und werden erst rausgeholt, wenn ich sie mit meiner Schwester gemeinsam gucken kann (wir waren gemeinsam bei den Konzerten). Zur Qualität kann ich also nichts sagen, ich habe aber noch kein schlechtes Release von dir gesehen. American Skin von Kilkenny 2 war superb (das war mein Reinguck-Song). Im Wesentlichen: Vielen Dank für deine BluRays, es macht Spaß, sie zu gucken und ich freue mich auf die, für die ich noch keine Zeit oder nicht die Gelegenheit hatte.


I really DO appreciate the fact that thanks to you I can own for a lifetime a show that was one of the greatest nights of my life (Leeds). I will (if as I truly hope) you carry on this splendid work I will buy one or two standout shows from each tour. I DO appreciate the long hours you spent and I will continue to give you honest positive feedback.


I don’t see you as a business man, I see you as a like minded fan who is very good at what you do and is kind enough to share your work with fellow fans.  Why shouldn’t you be paid for your time?  What you do is far more creative and labour intensive than what the bootleg labels do.  Downloading somebody’s hard work from a torrent site and pressing it on a silver disc is hardly creative!  If you were purely money driven, you wouldn’t have shared what you did on the JL torrent site.  I have no doubt that this had a big effect with sales of certain Blu-ray titles.


es gibt keinen in der ganzen Bruce-Community, der mehr Herzblut und Perfektionismus in die Sache steckt und somit Dokumentationen schafft, die für die Ewigkeit sind


Loved the first bluray i got from you, remember it was zurich/vienna. Since then it's been better every release, Paris 5/7 and Leeds 24/7 is the best live footage bootleg ever done.  I have always liked to watch dvd/bluray shows with Bruce, and appreciate everyone i got from you.  I hope you will continiue to release more of these masterpiece's.


Mate, Your work is amazing and much appreciated here in Australia. I can only imagine the time spent creating these masterpieces that allow us to relive our memories. Keep up the good work.


My first buy was Wembley 2013 on Blu-ray, a great show which I attended. The disc arrived I knew it would be good from the previews you released. My god what a surprise I couldn’t believe how good it was. I wrote a long reply to you after watching it. It was just………… ‘The next best thing’ to being there’, I wrote? I’ve had a couple of others since, including Leeds. They are prized possessions. I have felt guilty at times not ordering more. I really wanted the Stockholm shows but could quite justify the price at the time! My wife thinks I’m a lunatic despite being dragged to some of the marathon shows over the years. My tact has been; ‘oh this, no it’s not new, I had it a long time! She does this with her clothes bargains too – so we are probably as bad as each other! I ‘think’ I can imagine how much time, effort, patience, and dedication you put into your releases. They are quite obviously a labour of love! The equipment you use is obviously high tech; your knowledge of sound alone is clearly apparent having read your reviews over the past few years. I thought I was ‘a bit of an  anorak’ (English term for a slightly acentric individual, who is obsessed ) I mean this purely as a term of endearment toward you! I hope this comes over in translation OK??? .I think your productions are amazing and when I can’t get to see Bruce I have my Blu-rays. I also enjoyed your recent wedding video and Jon’s film too. When I have the house to myself; (which is not too often).   I watch them; every time marvelling the production. After the events you described your trip to the shows at Mohegan Sun and the production as it was evolving. If you do decide to release; I know you have agonised over this decision for such a long time.  I would obviously love to have a copy, as I have said in several emails before. But whatever you decide to do I genuinely wish your good health, happiness and success in whatever path you decide to take. Now I do sound as though I’m slipping back into work mode, as I say this to students who are leaving me too! Sincerely, thank you very much; from a big admirer for what you have achieved (from a guy who wishes he was a bit richer to afford all those shows)!  My search for the ultimate Bruce experience really did end with you, apart from standing in front of him!


We're both huge fans of Bruce and your DVDs.  I've always purchased them from you and never downloaded them.  I agree with you that people shouldn't download them without paying , much less saying thank you!   I'd be happy to do whatever you'd like to support your work and your efforts.  It's an incredible amount of work to create DVDs - I'd be happy to pay even more than you ask!  Thanks for all your great work.  And let me know if/when it is possible to buy the second Uncasville show. 


I'm very sorry that I haven't sendt you any feedback lately.But your last email got me to really wake up.I guess most of us Bruce fans take for granted when we order an blu ray from you and we watch it and it truly is amazing,we forget to thank you enough.I know it takes you a lot of time and work to make all this blu rays,and I really appreciate it. So please keep up the good work on behalf of many Bruce fans Olli. I will continue to send you video files for free whenewer I can.Because I'm thankful for having someone like you who can make a fantastic concert blu ray out of all the video clips. I hope you will continue your work with these beautiful blu rays Olli. I'm very happy to get known with you and your work.


I am sure your videos bring so many people joy. There is really no feeling like being at a Bruce concert. Watching your videos brings back some of those amazing feeling and so many good memories from the show. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in the future.


I will always say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I always come back to the 'master chef' for more helpings. Keep up the good work! 


I have no idea how you manage to consistently produce the quality of releases I see on You tube and buy on blu ray. I can only imagine the time and talent needed to produce the material


You are appreciated and i thank you for the many hours i have watched the shows i bought off you.


the last Blu-rays I bought from you (Stockholm). They were fantastic (as usual from you). Actually Stockholm night 2 is in my  Blu-ray Disc player in right now so that every time my wife and kids are out of the house I put those on.


The hours spent creating the BR/DVDs must be huge, a true labour of love. I hope that will carry on the work and of course I hope that there will be more shows for you to work on!


I am in awe of the quality. On Sunday I installed a 60 inch television for my girlfriend and I played the video for her. Needless to say she was astounded. I for one appreciate your work and sometimes in our hectic lives do not take enough time to truly acknowledge the work and time involved.


I know things can sometimes transpire to get you down and I fully understand your position with regard to all the hard work you put into creating the best 'fan' blu-rays for US ALL to enjoy. Damn, I even bought my Blu-ray player on account of your excellent Bluy-rays - that has got to be some recommendation :-). Having done a little bit of taping and editing, I am fully aware of just how time consuming and all-engulfing the process can be. You totally immerse yourself into the work and the time just disappears. You find yourself working into the wee small hours of the morning without even realising and then you don't get enough sleep for your 'proper job' the nest day. I am guilty of not praising your efforts enough and I must admit that I did miss your plea to send an email to blacklab (not sure who this is) which if I had of seen I would have acted on. Apologies for this. I for one would be devastated if you gave up through what you perceive to be lack of support and encouragement. Your name will surely go down in the history books as the taper/videographer who most accurately captured the Springsteen shows whatever you decide. Having been at the Leeds gig (and standing next to you - not knowing you then) I will be forever grateful that I have the Leeds concert in fantastic Blu-ray quality and I apologise for my "Kitty's Back/hand written Walk Away Rene" sign which features prominently in the blu-ray! I think it's a MUST that you release the MOHEGAN NIGHT 2 - FINAL SHOW OF THE TOUR Blu-ray. Who you release it to is entirely your decision, but no doubt some unscrupulous bastards will try to share it over the internet for free. This, I would think, should make you sway towards releasing it to everyone. Try to recoup as much money as you can from it. You deserve it. It's your hard work. Blood, sweat and tears and all that.


Etwas in der Qualität hat es vorher nicht gegeben und wird auch vermutlich nicht mehr geben, wenn du das nicht mehr machst. Von den Sachen, die ich bisher komplett gesehen habe bin ich immer mehr als beeindruckt gewesen, insbesondere mit der Art der "Regie" und der Bildauswahl. Und in dem relativ kleinen Zirkel von Fans zu denen ich regelmäßig Kontakt habe, mache ich auch "Werbung" dafür und bekomme ähnliche Rückmeldungen. Oft heisst dort aber tatsächlich - Super, würde ich mir auch kaufen, wenn ich die Zeit hätte, mir das anzusehen.


Deine Sachen bringen in einzigartiger Art und Weise dieses mega intensive Bruce-Erlebnis zurück. Auch wenn ich lange brauche, um alles anzuschauen, so bin ich doch beruhigt, die Dinger zu besitzen und somit den Boss nicht nur in High Definition sondern auch fast im Original bei mir zu haben.


I'm often dissapointed with official live recording that, from my point of view, do not sound like a live album should do. Your work made me love non official video recordings. I have of course other stuff but when it comes to audience recording I was always dissapointed. I have both 2012 Springsteen's concerts in Paris on DVD which are brilliant and faitfull to these extraordinary concerts.


your releases have just got better and better. Leeds blu-ray was astonishing


Everything I've received, more than happy with. XSATATIC!


In this world there are givers and there are takers. Period! I know that you spend countless hours make the perfect finished product that you release. And for givers like YOU, JEMS and mjk5510 Thank you!. Your willingness to share is not lost on this fan. For the past 22 years I have volunteered nad served as a board-member for a non profit organization that provides summer vacations to families that have a child with cancer. It is a horrific disease and one in which many, many beat. Sending healing thoughts, best wishes and thanks to JEMS. Stay positive, keep praying and kick that cancer in the teeth! As you may recall Ollie you provided a clip last Christmas of my 8 year old daughter requesting Santa Claus is Coming to Town at the Uncasville 2 show. Thank you again for doing so. She has seen 3 Bruce shows and I am hoping for her and me that she gets to see several more. That clip made her feel so special she shows it to everyone. She thinks that she hit the lottery. I only wish that my older son had coached her better and told her to go on stage with Bruce and not run away. Embarassed


I really look forward to receiving these two blu-rays, you have made miracles so far with all the shows I have received. Paris night 2 is still my favorite, just after night 1 because I was at Night 1 and should have come to Night 2... a big mistake from me which I will not make again if... Bruce decides to come back to Paris to Bercy. So thanks to you, I can watch shows I could not go to like the US ones. It is a pure joy for me to watch them when it’s late at home and my dear sweety is in the bed. I put my headphones on... and turn the volume up and up until I am deaf !!!


Great, great news😀 Thanks for keep doing best Bruce videos available! Some people are so used to utube etc that they want everything for free. I'm happy to hear that you got positive feedback at least from few of us who still think that best releases has to be done by somebody who puts his time and money to travelling and buying gear to document and edit the shows.


Zuerst danke ich dir für denn arbeit denn du leistet mit diesen Dvd's. Die letzte 3 von Stockholm sind wansinnig.. Ich freue mich immer wenn ich lese das du wieder ein neues gemacht hast.


I can never thank you enough for the hard but brilliant work you do for us.can I pre order this set also and any future and past releases I will happily purchase from you


Can't thank you enough for the work you do and am so glad that you decided to continue!  It means a lot to me!


let me praise you on estreet radio I have an in on the channel your the best


gestern habe ich Kilkenny 1 gesehen.....auch wenn ich leider nicht vor Ort war, gehört diese Bluray auf jeden Fall in jede Sammlung. Großartig......Mein Lieblingssong "Long Time coming" ist ein Highlight (auch wenn diese Version nicht an die Soloversion von 96/97 und an die SSB rankommt) Ich freue mich riesig auf den 2. Abend.


I just sat down to watch Mohegan 1—I’m only up to Stayin’ Alive, but I had to pause and drop you a line to thank you! I’m having a blast reliving that night, have the volume cranked way up, and it almost feels like I’m there. Thanks again! Now back to the show…


weiterhin alles Beste für deine hervorragende Arbeit welche richtige Fans sehr zu schätzen wissen


I've had a really busy 2 months! I finally got round to watching the Killkenny concerts and they are amazing!! Dvddubbingguy is more than just a name. It's a guarantee of quality! We all know you do the best, so we expect the best. And you deliver time after time! I have a Fish & Chip shop, and people don't always thank me and tell me how nice their food is.....but they keep coming back!! So I know I'll be missed if I stopped. It's the same for you. We don't mean to take you for granted.  Believe me, we all appreciate you're hard work. Thanks Olli.


I always love your videos because they always feel professionally put together. However, if you asked me to comment on the technical aspects I wouldn't know how. All I can do is compare them to say FEDEUD who always seems to be obsessed with  joining as many different sources together into a multicam in an arbitrary fashion. The result being a a video which is a complete mess and which makes the viewer dizzy with all changes going on. At the other extreme we used to have 'bitch committee' who simple did a one cam recording and circulated it ASAP without any editing etc so that they could maximise their profits.  To get back to your videos. I, like many others, do appreciate the t hundreds on hours you painstakingly put into trying to make each show you produce the best ever. I know you get a lot of stick, and I have been honest with you as to why I think this is, but also you do get a lot of positive comments on the quality of your videos. I always find in life that one should focus on the things that make them feel good and not on the things that make them feel bad.  Again, I apologise for myself and the rest of the 'silent majority' who may not always give you the necessary feedback but who nevertheless truly appreciate the fantastic work you do on all your blurays.


Ich frag mich schon lange, was Dich antreibt, glaub aber, dass es was damit zu tun haben musst, dass Du der bedingungsloseste Fan mit den Mitteln der Neuzeit bist. Und ich glaube, Du liebst Deine Produkte. Jede BR ist - so erscheint es zumindest aus Deinen Mails - ist ein persönliches Anliegen und man merkt die Begeisterung, wenn Dein Endprodukt, die vorherigen wieder übertroffen hat. Und man merkt es den BRs auch an. Und dass Du das alles mit anderen teilst, ehrt Dich. Ich glaube, ich hab Dir die letzten Jahre schon öfters geschrieben, wie dankbar ich für Deine Arbeit bin, und kann mich da nur wiederholen.  Ich hoffe nur, dass sich Freude und Spaß, die Du offensichtlich noch hast, den Verdruss noch lange überwiegen.


Congratulations, it's a magnificent work, who really loves U2.


danke für das Einstellen des Ausschnitts vom 18.10 mit Bad/40 bei Youtube! Perfekt gemacht! Man bekommt gleich wieder Gänsehaut, weil alles sehr gut eingefangen ist. Habe ja wenig Ahnung, aber es sieht schon toll aus mit den verschiedenen Blickwinkeln und mir ist ein Rätsel, wie man die verschiedenen Aufnahmen so perfekt flüssig zusammenbekommt. Aber Du hast sicher eine Profiausrüstung.


ich habe gerade Deine U2-teaser auf youtube von den beiden Köln-Konzerten am 17. und 18.10. gesehen. Super Material, einfach der Wahnsinn!!


I would like to have your shows in HD since they are the best shot arena shows of u2 (says U2RMW!)


hab ich mir direkt reingezogen: mega Aufnahme in top Quali!wow, geil!


erst mal herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem fantastischen Video. Super Arbeit ;-).


ich habe eben über das U2-Forum einen Link zu deiner Hammer-Aufnahme des U2-Konzerts in Köln gefunden. Ein Freund von mir war auch in Köln (ich war in Berlin), der würde sich sicher über das Konzert freuen.


ich warte noch immer sehnsüchtig auf die Aufnahme vom U2-Konzert in Köln, da ich damals die Aufnahme besser fand als die offizielle aus Paris und es auch mein erstes U2-Konzert war.  Leider waren die Aufnahmen plötzlich nicht mehr online, deswegen wollte ich mal nachfragen ob sie noch kommt oder ob es da Probleme gab?


No no no !! Tell me it is not true and you just wrote that in your emotions! This is real bad news. I had so been looking forward to your multicams of cologne  ! The previews were so unbelievably good and it is like you wrote it was going to be f***ing awesome. That previews totally blew me away and is still stuck in my mind, and I still prefer it over the Paris pro shots.. I  understand that you are angry (and  rightfully so) at some u2 fans and your motivation is zero at the moment, because of only a few loudmouth people in the U2 "fan community " that set a " hate" campaign against you, like chrisedge, sparko and julien (sparko is convinced you are going to sell the cologne multicams) but please dont let the bastards grind you down and let them win! This is what they want , to  frustrate you and piss you off. We took so much effort (I specially filmed the wide angle for it) in  filming the show and your shoots are so amazing that it would be a real waste to do nothing with it. Please take your  Time to reconsider.


The quality is just breathtaking, this is a staggering video.


auf jeden Fall Danke für Deine Mühe und Hut ab vor den Aufnahmen!!!! Und gib nicht zuviel auf bestimmte Kommentare im Forum, viele sehen nicht welche Arbeit dahinter steckt und sind schnell dabei, die Hand aufzuhalten, wenn es was umsonst gibt!


ich habe Deine preview vom U2 Konzert Köln 2 gesehen und war richtig beeindruckt


Damals bei Bruce Springsteen hatte ich sowohl Dir als auch jemand anderem meine Videos zur Verfügung gestellt. Von Dir hab ich eine Mitteilung bekommen, dass der Zusammenschnitt fertig ist und dass ich sie bei Dir für den "Unkostenbeitrag" auch bekomme. Bei den anderen habe ich (obwohl sie reichlich von meinem Material verwendet haben) nicht einmal eine Nachricht bekommen, dass der Mitschnitt fertig ist, geschweige denn wie und wo ich ihn mir herunterladen oder besorgen kann. Ich bekam es dann zufällig von jemand anderem mitgeteilt und auch kopiert. Da war mir Deine Variante lieber, weshalb ich beim nächsten Konzert meine Mönchengladbach-Mitschnitte dann auch nur Dir zur Verfügung gestellt hatte.


Vielen Dank für deine tollen Aufnahmen und die damit verbundene Arbeit.


Thanks again for doing such great work. There are so many of us who rely on you for the best work on Bruce that there is. You are very much appreciated by many.


Thanks once again Ollie for all your hard work and kindness. I have a feelin' I'm going to be blown away by Paris and Kilkenny,


Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into these things. I have quite a lot of your Bruce blu rays and me and my partner have absolutely loved them all. I look forward to every single one.


2nd of the 2 packages arrived today just want to say thank you so far only been able to watch the 3rd Stockholm show i have to say exceptional work from you yet again can`t thank you enough


it is pretty awesome footage, thanks :)


Was soll ich sagen ... mir fehlen wirklich die Worte ... der helle Waaaaahnsinn !!! Jedes Mal werden Deine BR besser und besser, obwohl ich immer denke, dass das schwer zu toppen ist. Aber Du schaffst das ... jedes Mal. Nochmals vielen lieben Dank und bis bald.


I really think you’re doing a FANTASTIC job . If some people have been critical , let it rain …. it’s only because they are jealous and they don’t deserve any attention . Keep up the excellent work and keep on rocking !  


Quite possibly the best show i have ever seen and i`m in the 130 show range. I`m hoping you will make it available. I`m not a big email guy but what I will say and I do admire is your passion for  both what you do  and the work that goes in to these shows , which i`m sure I have no idea the extent you go into and... your passion for Bruce and the E  St Band ...still the greatest  show on earth! I Hope you will make it available. This is a real gem of a show and I would love to revisit again especially knowing the quality of your shows.


wow have just watched Paris 2 and Kilkenny 2 over the last few days. Absolutely incredible! Now I know why you rated Paris 2 so high.. I imagine all your regulars have it, if not they must get it! Great editing , set, sound , everything. I also really enjoyed Kilkenny 2, Bruce looked like he was really having fun.  Again, great editing, sound etc, really cool gig. Thanks once agian for all your hard work in producing these gems,


Nichtsdestrotrotz war ich auf jeden Fall von deinen Blu-Rays begeistert und hab sie genossen. Bewundernswert, wieviel Arbeit du da rein gesteckt hast. Lag mir doch am Herzen, das mal gesagt zu haben.


Allein die Previews der so zauberhauft geschnittenen, voller Passion erstellten Konzerte, die du für uns erbastelst, hingegen, beflügelt mich oft dahingehend, dass ich mich bspw. im Flieger sitzend wiederfinde; bis die Blechkiste abhebt, habe ich immer noch so 15-30 Min. Zeit, um auf YouTube mit einem sagenhaften Noise-Killing-Headphone deine Previews / teils vollen Videos zu gucken. Da schießt es mir regelmäßig die Tränen vor Freude und Rührung in die Augen. Ich selber bin Perfektionist. Kann deinen Anspruch an dich selber nicht nur perfekt nachvollziehen, sondern ich WILL auch nur das Beste haben. Dass du mir das ermöglichst, das Beste hinsichtlich meines so Wertvollen zu erwerben, ist von so großer Bedeutung für mich. Es gibt mir auch für zukünftige Auftritte, die hoffentlich noch anstehen, das wunderbare Gefühl, mglw. nicht alles zu verpassen. Stichwort Australien. LOD etc. Es ist einfach so wertvoll, diese Appearances mglw. genießen zu können, auch wenn man selber nicht dabei war. Bruce aus einer Perspektive zu sehen, ist irre. Aber im TV totlangweilig gegen deine Schnitte. Ich sage erneut: DANKE!


Die Qualität deiner Veröffentlichungen ist überragend. Es wäre schade, wenn du deine Arbeit einstellen würdest (oder es schon hast), die Bruce Fan Gemeinde wäre um ein gutes Stück ärmer!


Another Friday J  sitting at home after a week with work work work …….  Listening and looking at one your excellent blue ray - Kilkenny #2 – bringing back memories ..


Wow just watched Jungleland. Un-effin-believable Oliver. You are amazing dude!!!


I cannot thank you enough for all the work and time you have spend on this project.


The youtube video is amazing! Both songs bring back so many great memories from the concert! The quality is unbelievable. So much better than anything else on youtube


Your work is awesome!! The compilation sounds incredible!!!! Thank you!


Really lovely. Well done again for your contribution to keeping fans memories alive. Thank you again for all your amazing work


Brilliant work on the Blu-rays from Kilkenny as always Olli! Loved the first show as well and they are both special to me since the are the two last shows I saw with Bruce:-) This will be some of the blu-rays that I will be watching over and over!


If Bruce had any sense he would get you to do his video releases!!


Glückwunsch ! Perfekt ! Auch dieses Werk von Dir ist wieder auf sehr hohem Niveau. Man muß ja immer bedenken, wie es entsteht: Mehr oder weniger heimlich (vermutlich mittlerweile geduldet oder als Chronist vielleicht sogar willkommen geheißen ... ?) in jedem Fall mit Amateurkameras  inmitten tausender feiernder Fans...dafür ist es wirklich sehr sehr gut und Deine Konzertmitschnitte aus Fansicht sind den Leuten aus New Jersey sicher längst bekannt. Ich bewundere Deine  Leidenschaft und würde mich nicht wundern, wenn Bruce selber es (zumindest insgeheim) auch tut. Also Glückwunsch zum neuen Werk, das durch die Zuschauer hinter der Bühne und das Licht in der Halle für mich (rein optisch) noch deutlich  eindrucksvoller ist, als das Leedskonzert.


Habe mir mal einige deiner Videos angesehen und muss dir ein riesen Kompliment machen :-) Super Qualität und sehr ruhig und und toll gefilmt !


hab deinen Multicam Mix vom U2 Konzert gerade bei Youtube entdeckt. Feine Sache. Planst du oder ihr etwas ähnliches fürs das Foo Fighters Konzert am 06.11. ?


Your work is just amazing ! i’ve been an amateur next to you for my U2 show on youtube… but i’m not a pro, im just a fan who wants some souvenirs hehe, when your multicams will be ready ?


Recieved the Mohegan Sun 2 disk and love it! Great video and awesome sound. Keep on putting out you work,just forget about all the negatives. Long Live DVDdubbing guy


Tolle Arbeit, Oliver! Deine Releases sind nach wie vor Referenz.


Wollten nur mal zwischenmelden: das neuere Video bei Youtube, 17.10. where the streets have no name, ist absolut genial aufgenommen und geschnitten. Vielen Dank fürs Einstellen! Sind gespannt, was noch kommt.


I am beyond impressed! Don't waste time on feuds and bitterness, its a waste of time. Make the best show you can and share it If many/most of your sources are complete you have something very special (that is another one from U2RMW!)


habe mir gerade den Trailer für U2 angeguckt und kann nur sagen: Wow. Sieht Bombe aus. Grandios was für eine Qualität heutzutage möglich ist.


Der U2 Mix ist sensationell. Ich hatte zwischendurch "Gänsehaut". Superior quality :-D Ich freue mich drauf.


Thanks for the update. I can't wait for my copies to arrive and to sit down with some cold beers and watch these wonderful discs. Stunning work as usual on the U2 stuff - its a pity you have to deal with such assholes in trying to provide your wonderful videos to us ,the fans - but remember there are many, many of us out there that really appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put in on our behalf. So Thank You my friend, Keep Going  and FUCK  the rest of the Assholes who don't help or appreciate you.


that truly is great footage of U2. Another Olli masterpiece!


I'm blown away both by the quality and by your service. Thank you. This will make me happy for years.


got the disc. Thank you much!! flipped thru it, have to block time to watch it thru. Its fantastic. job well done.


quality is spot on professional. In some ways this is better than anything that might be released by Thrill Hill.


Just wanted to tell you about the last dance blu ray.Been watching it over the weekend and I was blown away.It is simply amazing and I love it.So congratulations with your work on that one.


Mine came last week...middle of the day, dropped what I was doing, plopped down on couch and watched from start to finish. Brought me right back to Uncasville.


I just received my Uncasville 5/18/14 concert video and am so happy to say that it is everything I thought it would be and more. My wife will be home from work shortly and we plan to curl up with a couple of glasses of wine and watch the whole video together. I have to admit that I have been tempted to watch the whole thing without her but I just watched Roll of the Dice and Frankie so far!!! You are a genius at what you do my friend. The seamless transitions from one angle to another is amazing and the creativity you showed in choosing what order to use the available footage was phenomenal.


Thank you again for your painstaking work on the video!


Die Blu-Rays sind der Hammer, die Erwartungen übertroffen! Einfach nur Extraklasse, Dankeschön.


The Br arrived days ago , I was out of town and was able to watch just today. What say, Fantastic. Thanks for this Gem


The DVDs are fucking awesome!!




was hast du da wieder getan??? Du hast Weihnachten vorgezogen! Heute sind die BDs angekommen und ich bin absolut begeistert! Die Atmosphäre bei Uncasville II ist fantastisch! So etwas wie die USA-Compilation hat man auch noch nicht gesehen. Über 5,5 Stunden Bruce am Stück mit einer fantastischen Songauswahl und Setlist! (Bild- und Tonqualität muss ich nicht extra erwähnen, oder?) Schaue gleich noch mal alles von vorn. Und dann noch Hannover und Leeds und und und Hoffentlich hält mein Herz das aus. Vielen vielen Dank! Und weiter so!


das USA Booklet ist ja obergenial gelungen!


I received the blu rays today.  They are even better than i expected!  Thank you so much




Habe es gerade aufgerissen!!! Sieht HAMMER aus !!!!!! Läuft schon. Hammer. Herrlich. Wooohooo!! Ich liebe es. Bin sehr dankbar für deine Liebe zum Detail. Menü USA und Booklet...Zum Niederknien!!!!


ganz kurz: Danke für die fantastischen Blu-Rays! Tolles Artwork, btw😜


The new Springsteen blu-rays arrived today. I just want to say thanks for making such great productions! The video is absolutely fantastic...Keep up your good work!


die Aufmachung ist schon mal der Hammer, das Booklet sieht toll aus.


Super, heute sind die Blue Rays bei mir eingetroffen. Was war das heute Mittag für eine Freude! Habe soeben das halbe Uncasville-Konzert gesehen und natürlich gehört. Es ist große Klasse - einfach phantastisch!! Großes Kino - super Klang - ich weiss gar nicht, was ich sonst noch so dazu sagen soll - Olli, Du bist ein Künstler!!! Übrigens, es ist ein wunderschönes Booklet geworden. Man spürt und sieht, wieviel Arbeit und Liebe Du da reingesteckt hast - einfach Klasse, sieht toll und sehr professionell . Nun hoffe ich, dass ich auch bald die "Dream Show" sehen und hören kann...


The Blu Rays arrived today. I am very impressed with the booklet- very professional! I appreciate your effort and dedication, thanks very much.


I've been long time Bruce follower and collector....first vinyl bootleg in 1980! your recent work on the 2013 14 tours are really excellent...i think your Leeds DVD is to my eyes amongst the very best...and one of his best ever shows  


I received the package!! It is incredible!! Thank you so very much!!!  I am watching US 2014 and it has brought back so many great memories. Thank you for your work!!


Just received the 2 blu Rays from you and WOW!! Your best yet, great work! Can't thank you enough for 'your time and effort' that you put in To produce these great 'must have's'!  (shame Bruce doesn't commit to the same level you do, he should give you a job)!


Richtig klasse. Was für eine super geile Multicam. Respekt und vielen Dank für deine Arbeit


danke für dieses kunstwerk an bildern, great job


wollte nur schnell sagen: was für eine schöne Geste, an diesem WoE das erste U2-Köln-Konzert ins Netz zu stellen für alle. Bin beeindruckt, dass Du Deine tolle Arbeit mit anderen Fans teilst. Ich habe schon reingesehen und es sieht absolut genial aus. Vielen, vielen Dank.


Yesterday I received the two blurays!! Really an amazing job. The last show has an incredible sound and picture quality and the USA compilation, what an amazing compilation. Great idea to put the songs like an unique concert. And the artwork in Uncastville is great too.


die Köln 1 show, die Du online gestellt hast ist für mich absolut outstanding - das beste was ich in Sachen Multicam bei U2 bisher gesehen habe. Sowas haut man ungern for free raus, vor allem wenn man weiß, dass es viele einfach als selbstverständlich sehen


vielen Dank fürs Hochladen des kompletten Köln-Konzert von U2 auf YouTube. Riesenkompliment!!! Ein sensationelles Ergebnis!!! Der Lichtblick an diesem traurigen Wochenende!!!


Watched first 5 songs from 5/18/14 Bruce in Conn just fucking great ! What a job !


I got your bluray and it is OUTSTANDING.  The very best Bruce video I own. The picture and sound are beautiful. You can see and hear every single detail. Also loved the emotional ending with the slow mo of Bruce leaving the stage. It was really cool to see this from the angle you used in the video. My father and I already watched almost every song twice. Thank you very much for providing this video. It really lets us relive the great memories from being at the concert (and jut listen to some great Bruce haha.)


Received DVD's today. They are fucking unbelievable. Thanks again. Sorry for swearing but they are fantastic. Springsteen inc.should hire you.


Brilliant! Just wanted to express my thanks for the two 'USA' blu rays. They are just great and I know you hinted at some concerns over the YouTube tour compilation quality but I thought you have made it into an amazing record of an exceptional Bruce period. A total justification of your decision to carry on producing great blu rays. Look forward to your next release. Thank you again.


Had a minute to watch some of the Mohegan disc and it is just amazing!!!! You did a great job on this ones and can't wait to see the rest and the USA compilation.


Wow.....Watching Uncasville 2 - what a show,  and what a Blu Ray....Es ist sehr, sehr gut!!!!! So grateful to have this - tremendous job Oli!


I can just say that I agree in the mentioned reviews - I'm having a wonderful time when I look at your blue rays, and I will continue buying them since the quality is outstanding! I love spending a Friday night with the tv and the stereo playing Bruce, and myself sitting on the couch with a beer and a whiskey, re-living the live acts! Thank's !!


I got the blu-rays in the post yesterday, and last night I watched parts of both - and it is fantastic. Thanks for your great work.


Further to my previous message, I have now begun to dip into the USA Blu Ray and you've done an amazing job using such high quality pictures to 'smooth over the joins'. The quality is way better then you led us to believe.


Auch ich habe die 2 blu rays gesehen. Und kann auch nur sagen... Superr. Die aufnamen sind richtig wunderschön und super sound..


Just got my copies of Mohegan 2 and USA comp. Awesome work! I think Mohegan 2 rivals Leeds and the Paris 2012 releases as far as quality editing goes. Keep up the awesomeness!


Watching the Mohegan show now and it is fantastic.  Can't wait to watch the whole thing.  You are a master editor.  Thanks for the hard work and sharing the results.


Got it ,watched it, love it. Another masterpiece, well done.


die blu-ray ist angekommen und das ganze Wochenende rauf- und runtergelaufen :-) War wunderbar so das Konzert nochmal zu erleben, kommt durch das Filmen aus Fansicht dem live-Erlebnis echt nah...nochmals Riesenkompliment!!! Wie auch immer Du das schaffst...


THANKYOU  so BluRays arrived today...I love them. will my daughter. .that was so quick are so well done....thank you again..


REALLY enjoying the Uncasville 2 Blu-Ray, so thankful you decided to free it.  I still think Leeds is your masterpiece but Uncasville 2 is not far behind.


I received the first set of DVDs. They are amazing! Thanks. You do great work and I can't imagine the time you put into these. Thanks again


I can`t tell you how happy I am!!! so I put the compilation in first and it`s just amazing excuse my language but "holy shit" it`s awesome and I only watched about 10 songs. then I put in uncassevill and was blown away even more!!! quality is just amazing! that`s a pretty special show for me since I was I told you been to about 130 shows and that may be my thank you very very much I really appreciate it! I will definitely be back for more.


Ich kann den Reviews unten nur zu gerne zustimmen. Die Shows sind einfach nur geil. Besonders die USA und Stockholm Blu Rays finde ich super…Picture & Sound..genial. Ich freue mich, dass Du weitermachst und hoffe, dass du an alle Tickets für die USA Shows kommst….und freue mich auf die Shows.


just to let you know that the discs arrived at the weekend....absolutely stunning!


You are a complete star! - Thanks for your work on this - Does justice to Bruce and band.


Owing to various issues, i've only just got round to watching the Uncasville Bruce dvd & it is absolutely stunning! Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Just had a chance to watch the dvd, it is absolutely fantastic! It really rivals official releases from Bruce. The editing and sound was incredible. That was a lot of work I’m sure. Hope you get some great footage at Prudential as we will both be there.


your videos are absolutely best there is including almost all official releases


I finally watched your Moheghan sun show the other day. It was certainly well worth waiting for (my wife jane had hidden it for Christmas)! Some beautiful footage and another great production!


I finally watched both May 17 (upgrade) and May 18 Uncasville. Both are fantastic. Aside from time and patience, you really have a skill for the job. A great skill. I love all the angles used – out of necessity no doubt – they make the videos (shows) exceptionally interesting to watch. Your seamless synchronization of scene, audio and visual is amazing. Thanks for putting the videos together.


Wow, wirklich klasse geworden. Aufgrund der Länge wollte ich das Konzert eigentlich in zwei Teilen ansehen. Es hat aber so viel Spaß gemacht, sich das Konzert anzusehen, dass ich es komplett durchgesehen habe. Super Arbeit von Dir !!! 


Your tips & recommandations video with "Streets with no Name" at the end is just breathtaking, jawdropping, stunning, brilliant and awesome!


i hope your trip to USA will be full of satisfaction  so that i ll be able to buy exceptional blu rays


words cannot describe how incredible it is, both Bruce and the band, and your work!


I am in Bruce heaven now! I would have paid double that and been happy


the effort you make, the skills you have and the results you produce are unparalleled. You must be a wizard too - you always have great seats, shoot great video and edit sound and video to perfection. It is amazing and it reflects your love of the subject. Truly!


Gerade Deine "Vorschau" mit meinen AK T1p gesehen/gehört. Weißt Du was Du gemacht hast? Nein, noch nicht. Bin in der Show.!!!!


received the Cologne 1 Blu Ray today! It is truly excellent!! You did great job, it is a fantastic watch!! Superb editing and stunning shots make this easily the best U2 multicam!


Ich hab jetzt auch gleich mal die 2. Show komplett angeschaut und damit das ganze Konzert nochmal mitgefeiert. Du hast es wirklich genial zusammengeschnitten. Da kann ich mir gut vorstellen was Du an Zeit und Arbeit investiert hast. Das Resultat ist wirklich toll und wird mir sicher in den nächsten Monaten einige Male helfen die Pause bis zum nächsten Tourabschnitt zu überstehen. Danke!!!


Ich habe mir gestern die bluray aus N.Y. angesehen. Einfach riesig!!!  Ein großes Kompliment für Deine Arbeit und ein großes Danke dafür!


Blue rays arrived this morning Oliver, amazing quality


The blu-ray arrived this morning and I have watched it right through already. It is FANTASTIC. Once again MANY THANKS


Hello, just to say that "uncasville is fantastic!". We want to thank you very very much


Just wanted to thank you for the two River blu-rays. Fantastic sound and great effort on your part to hold that camera steady for the whole Washington show. I wondered if sometimes you missed being just another audience member? Of course that would mean we wouldn't be able to appreciate your great filming of Bruce and the Band's shows so forget what I wrote. One of the reasons I have paid for so many videos and DVDs of the concerts over so many years is to try and recapture the feeling I got when I attended his live shows. I wanted that feeling, call it 'buzz', every night. Thank you Olli for helping me go some way to achieving that.


I just wanted you to know that I received my DC blu-ray and it is sooooo good!!!  Thank you!  Looking forward to more!


Super geil Olli! Weisst du schon, wann die BR fertig sein wird? Must have!


WOW...was ist das??? Sieht aus wie eine offizielle BD...Hammer.


Best quality I have seen... I think I'm going to rent A movietheater for this.


Hello Oliver,my friend, THANK YOU. Amazing show and fabulous blu-ray!!!! ..."what else?"... He is the BOSS, and you, Oliver, you, you are the ONE, the only one who bring him back to us! Many many thanks my friend. Byebye.


When I opened the package and saw the art cover of this bluray, wow it was awesome right away. The footage of this Newark show is stunning. I have a lot of dvd bootlegs from shows in US before. But watching this, I may say it is the best ever filmed footage of an american show by fans. With beautiful menues and popupmenues togehter with the amazing sound from Nugs, this is a must have! I have just seen the new masterpice bluray.


Well, I have to say I struggle to find the appropriate superlatives to describe this one! A perfect coming together of superb sound and crystal clear images. Incredibly impressive both in filming and editing!! If anything from Europe turn out as good as this that would be a god send for many many fans!!!!


You were right,this one blows my mind.Newark are absolutely fantastic. Congrats with this beautiful concertbluray.Many thanks.


Unbelievable quality. A original blu-ray can’t be better. Picture quality is sharpe as a knife!


Newark - Stupendous!  I guess your advice to go back and look at some of your other concerts is a good point as my initial reaction is this Newark show must really be No.1. Sound, picture, atmosphere it all comes together. You have better judgement as you worked on all these shows but from a fan perspective you keep asking yourself how long can Bruce keep performing at this incredible standard so as a new blu-ray comes along we tend to forget past shows and think what the hell is Olli going to come up with next. Thank you so much.


Boy, you weren't kidding about the quality of the main camera on the Newark show.  If that's the quality you're going to have going forward, you can count on me to buy many Bruce shows in the future. Well done.


I just want to congratulate you on your stunning production of Bruce's Newark gig. The quality - both audio & video is just jaw dropping, especially your footage with the TZ101. The only 'downside' with such stunning video is the comparison with some of the cutaway shots, which obviously aren't shot in 4K.


Just saw your Newark footage on youtube & it blew me away. By the way, Uncasville 5-18 was absolutely incredible, I've watched it more than a few times already!


I have just watched the whole show that I recieved a week ago. Amazing release and I simply love the 4K camera source on some of the camera angles...awesome video quality! BTW Its a bit annoying to see fans in the audience filming with the camera the wrong way (not in 16:9) ....useless to use their footage on a widescreen tv/pc monitors but they are probably mostly poor mobile cameras anyway.


Ich schliesse mich dem an, Olli. Hab sie schon am Donnesrstag erhalten, danke. Für mich die beste Blu Ray ever, die du gemachst hast. Teilweise wegen den audience Bildern besser als ein offizieller Pro-Shot!


die Qualität ist atemberaubend, Audio eh, aber halt auch das Bild,


Was für ein Video!!! Vielleicht das beste Konzertvideo.


wow was für eine BluRay....der Hammer.....Hut ab erneut ....du setzt die Messlatte sehr hoch...was soll qualitativ jetzt noch getoppt werden ?    Danke dir für deine Arbeit uns Fans glücklich zu machen..."


Danke für das Hammerteil!!! Die Newark ist wirklich absolut grandios!!!


Heute angehört und angeschaut. Dann kurz was gegessen und gleich noch mal in voller Länge angehört und angeschaut. Ganz großes Tennis Digger! 10/10.


Haben sie in voller Länge und Schönheit am Samstagabend reingezogen, zusammen mit einer guten Flasche Rotwein. ABSOLUT SUPER!!!!! Wir sind begeistert!! Das könnte auch ein Profi nicht besser!!! (oder anders gesagt: DU machst PROFI-Arbeit!!!)


meine Newark ist gestern in Marokko angekommen, und was soll ich sagen...Bin kein Mann der vielen Worte,  aber 2 Zeilen Muss ich dir auch schreiben . GRANDIOS !!!!! Unglaubliche Qualität.  Ist m.M nach auf gleichem Level wie Leeds und Paris. Freue mich schon auf die Europa Tour und deine BD's. Keep on the great work !!!!


Hi Oliver, it's me again. I just want to congratulate you on your stunning production of Bruce's Newark gig. The quality - both audio & video is just jaw dropping, especially your footage with the FZ1000. Well done Oliver. Your Blu-Rays will go down in Bruce folk law as the next best thing to being at a gig.


This is truly amazing!


Looks really good - amazing detail


I've just seen your preview of the River-show in New Jersey! What a blast! On terms of quality and editing. Great, great work.


Die New York und Washington BDs sind wieder super geworden. Die Bild- und Soundqualität sind spitze und die begrenzte Anzahl an Perspektiven stört mich persönlich überhaupt nicht. Im Gegenteil, dadurch bekommt das Konzert noch eher die Atmosphäre, dass man wirklich gerade selbst dabei ist. Wieder super Arbeit, Olli. Du warst, bist bleibt eben „unser“ dvddubbingguy ;-)


Die „New Jersey Newark“ ist ja sensationell!


Die Ausschnitte auf youtube sind ja schon echt geil, wie mag dann erst die bluray sein J Auch der sound ist ja besser, als so mancher offizielle Audiomitschnitt!


First of all I want to thank you for the New York and Washington blurays.Not of your best ones,but I really enjoyed them.Beautiful colours on Washington.And really nice sound.A must have both of them I will say. Now I want Newark please,can't wait to see that one.


Unbeschreiblich, was für eine Bluray Du da erstellt hast.....Hammer, Wahnsinn, unbelievable....Mir fehlen die Superlative....Toller Sound und sooooooo fantastische Bilder....So nah und so klar und das auf 65 Zoll....absolut irre!!! Vielen lieben Dank und weiter so 😃


Got this today. Wow, this really is how these should be done. Everybody should have 4K camera in their hands…


No video has ever made me smile bigger than I am right now.


Ich bin schwer begeistert. Deine Kamera macht perfekte Bilder. Dazu der gute Sound. Für mich ein pures Seh- und Hörvergnügen!!!!!!!!


ich schaue mir gerade Newark an. Die Bildqualität Deiner Kamera ist grandios!!!


Geniale Aufnahmen, super, 1000 Dank!!!


Ich schliesse mich dem an, Olli. Hab sie schon am Donnesrstag erhalten, danke. Für mich die beste Blu Ray ever, die du gemachst hast. Teilweise wegen den audience Bildern besser als ein offizieller Pro-Shot!


You were right,this one blows my mind.Newark are absolutely fantastic. Congrats with this beautiful concertbluray.Many thanks.


Was für ein Video!!! Vielleicht das beste Konzertvideo.


Your cameras picture is quality!!! And the sound is by far the best I have had from one of your blurays!! As I have recently had my son it's hard to go to multiple shows so I have Wembley to look forward to and watching this bluray is perfect for me to look forward to it more! Thanks again.


Mann, alles fing so harmlos mit einem „Hannover-Video“ an! …Fantastisches „Material“! Die Aufnahmen deiner Kamera sind deutlich von den anderen zu unterscheiden! Wahnsinn! Inzwischen gibt es wegen der zuvor nicht gekannten Sound- und Videoqualität keinen Grund mehr, noch offizielle Live-Videos zu kaufen – naja, werde ich trotzdem tun ;-)


Leeds grad angesehen - supercool!! Ich ziehe den Hut davor, wie Du die ganzen Videoschnipsel  mit dem Ton geschnitten hast - Hammergut!


Olivier, appreciate your very critical approach but you can't imagine how we enjoyed Naples and Newark, the remembering of these concerts with my family is fully on behalf of your top video's. Not enough words to show to say thank you, dankjewel danke shon


Thanks for creating and sharing. Very sad. And, as you said, who better to put together a heartfelt quality tribute than Bruce.


Great mix man! You'll give Zimny a run for his money ;D


I'm here to tell ya that this is pretty friggin' spectacular


Looking forward to your pro-shot / fan footage matrix of purple rain Olli. Your combination of local hero at Leeds edited that way was the best live individual song of the WB tour


Just wanted to thank you for the Newark blu-ray. It exceeded all my expectations and having been there it made me feel like I was there again! Fantastic quality and all the effort you put in putting it together really shows. I cannot thank you enough.


First off, thank you for the remarkable efforts you have made to document so many Bruce concerts over the years! As a long-time fan since the late 70’s, it’s great to see someone with such dedication to capturing Bruce in concert and share the hard work. The Newark and Leeds shows look especially remarkable.


Die Qualität insbesondere der neuen Bruce-Videos hat mich echt umgehauen! Deine Produktionen toppen mittlerweile echt alles, was weltweit sonst noch im Umlauf ist.


OMG I am watching Australia 2014 at work and it is WONDERFUL! Still just on Perth- you really do an amazing job- and since I never got to any 2014 shows it is such a gift to be able to "be there"


Newark ist der Knaller.  Danke für die Arbeit und mein vollen Respekt


I recieved the Blu-Rays yesterday. They're awesome, they absolutely satisfy my expectations.


Baltimore is certainly the best screen shot I’ve seen. Meanwhile having finally just watched your Newark Blu-ray- it was well worth the wait; as a birthday present to myself! I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful production- you certainly captured some insane footage with your Panasonic 4K camera. With lots of other exciting shows in prospect;  lots to look forward- even the shows too! I’m certainly delighted he is intending to ix up the shows at last too.


die BluRay ist heute angekommen und ich bin begeistert von der tollen Qualität. Es ist wie ein DéjàVu, so als wäre ich nochmals mittendrin in diesem tollen Konzert


Still enjoying the Newark blu Ray whenever I can - amazing work!! I follow many bands closely, and I sincerely think Newark is the ultimate non official live release by anyone!! (Yes, I am aware of Leeds 😀- but as I said before - I'm a sucker for perfect audio. I just pray that Leeds will be a part of the archive series, cause then I imagine you will do something about it!!)


Can't enough prise your Newark session....superb photage and sound. Perfect warm-up for the Copenhagen session later this summer when one will in front row.....hope you gather something from that show!


congrats on all your great work- your mix on Purple Rain will remain the best!


I've just been re-watching Milano 2013; wow what a show I'm as exhausted as the crowd, just watching it at home. As I've said before watching your productions is the next thing to being there. Such an amazing crowd you really captured the intensity coming off the stage and coming back off the crowd.  He was clearly moved by them too!


You do great work. I've been waiting for official stuff to come out, but it wouldn't be much better than yours anyway!


I’ve just watched your Paris Show from start to finish! Wow it is SO good. Your top 20 ratings have helped too.


I had watched the preview on YOUTUBE several times- but the original Blu-ray is really fantastic- what an amazing show too; it was so much better than I had anticipated but it’s not rated #2 for nothing, of course. . I really loved it.


Your "worst" videos would be someone else's masterpiece. The NY show is fantastic by any measure.


So is your NJ 4K sampler you sent out earlier today. You are the best. Not among the best. The best.


Thanks for the hard (and I assume long and, at times, tiring) work of putting together these multi-cams - better than anything Bruce has ever put out (a big part of which has to do with YOU knowing

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